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Clostridium difficile has gained attention in recent years as a “superbug”; it is a leading cause of hospital acquired infections worldwide. Strains are notoriously resistant to antibiotics, and there are no vaccines against C. difficile infection. In our group, we employed a variety of techniques, including microbial genetics, cell biology and structural biology to further our understanding of the pathogenesis of C. difficile

Our research output is best seen by looking at my publications in NCBI

The work of the my group continues and evolves on other research labs, notably those of Dr Robert Fagan (Univ Sheffield) and Dr Paula Salgado (Univ of Newcastle).

Requests for strains and plasmids. My strain collection is no longer held at Imperial College. Some plasmids are held by Addgene; others are held by former members of my group. Please check my Addgene web page link before contacting me.

Below is picture of some former members of the group

Group photo taken in the Flowers Building

Group photo taken in the Flowers Building