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Professor Nick Heard

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Chair in Statistics



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Nick Heard is Chair in Statistics in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College. His research interests center around computational Bayesian infererence, clustering and changepoint analysis, with a focus on application to large dynamic networks, such as computer networks or social networks, and bioinformatics problems.

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Hallgren KL, Heard NA, Turcotte MJM, 2023, Changepoint detection on a graph of time series, Bayesian Analysis, Vol:-, ISSN:1936-0975, Pages:1-28

Sanna Passino F, Heard N, 2022, Latent structure blockmodels for Bayesian spectral graph clustering, Statistics and Computing, Vol:32, ISSN:0960-3174

Sanna Passino F, Heard NA, Rubin-Delanchy P, 2021, Spectral clustering on spherical coordinates under the degree-corrected stochastic blockmodel, Technometrics, Vol:64, ISSN:0040-1706, Pages:346-357

Heard NA, 2021, Standardized partial sums and products of p-values, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, Vol:31, ISSN:1061-8600, Pages:563-573

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Sanna Passino F, Heard N, 2020, Bayesian estimation of the latent dimension and communities in stochastic blockmodels, Statistics and Computing, Vol:30, ISSN:0960-3174, Pages:1291-1307

Price-Williams M, Heard N, 2020, Nonparametric self-exciting models for computer network traffic, Statistics and Computing, Vol:30, ISSN:0960-3174, Pages:209-220

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Bolton A, Heard N, 2018, Malware family discovery using reversible jump MCMC sampling of regimes, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol:113, ISSN:0162-1459, Pages:1490-1502

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Heard N, 2021, An introduction to Bayesian inference, methods and computation, ISBN:9783030828073

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