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Dr. Smith's early research included studies of ultra high-energy gamma rays from astrophysical sources.  As part of his Ph.D at Leeds University, Dr. Smith “wintered-over” at the South Pole in 1987 as the sole operator of an air shower array telescope at the U.S. Amundsen-Scott station, the first Briton to winter-over.  He switched to the search for Dark Matter in 1992, joining Imperial College and the STF Rutherford Appleton laboratory. As leader of the ZEPLIN-I and ZEPLIN-II research program at the Boulby underground facility in Northern England, he participated in the development of dark matter detection techniques based on liquid xenon.  Dr. Smith is currently a full professor at Laurentian University, a visiting professor at Imperial College London and adjunct professor at Queen’s University.  He actively participates in international review committees and sits on the KEK Project Implementation Panel, the Fermilab Long Baseline Neutrino Committee, The Boulby Science Advisory Board, the Jinping Chinese Underground Facility International Advisory Board, the TRIUMF Policy and Planning Committee, the Oxford University Department of Particle Physics Advisory Board, the University of Tokyo Kavli Institute International Advisory Committee, and the Board of CEMI, a Sudbury mining innovation group.