Imperial College London

Nina Jirouskova

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Postgraduate







422Skempton BuildingSouth Kensington Campus






Jirouskova, N., Majumdar, A., Angeloudis, P. (2019). A top-down integrated approach to define key vulnerability indices for disaster risk management at container terminals. ICONHIC 2019, Chania.

Jirouskova, N., Achurra-Gonzalez, P., Goldbeck, N., Angeloudis, P. (2018). Probabilistic Assessment of container shipping route disruption costs from natural disasters - An application to the KIX Australia-New Zealand Service Line.  7th International Conference on Transport Reliability (Sydney, 17-19 January, 2018).

Jirouskova, N. & Stafford, Peter (2015). Resilience-based Seismic Impact Assessment for Urban Infrastructure. Poster, UK CDT Conference 2015, Southampton.

Lubkowski, Z., Villani, M., Coates, K., Jirouskova, N. & Willis, M. (2014). Seismic Deisgn Considerations for Africa. 2nd EECES.

Pappin, J., Jiang, H., Ho, K., Yu, Y., Koo, R., So, M., Jirouskova N., & Kwan, J. (2012). Seismic Hazard Assessment in Hong Kong. 15 WCEE, Lisbon.

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journal article

Chian, S.C., Wilkinson, S.M., Whittle, J.K., Mulyani, R., Alarcon, J.E., Pomonis, A., Saito, K., Fraser, S., Goda, K., Macabuag, J., Offord, M., Hunt-Raby, A.C., Sammonds, P., Franco, G., Stone, H., Bayes, A., Hughes, F.E., Jirouskova, N., Kaminski, S.,  and Lopez, L. (submitted). Lessons learnt from the 2009 Padang, 2011 Tōhoku and 2016 Muisne earthquakes. Frontiers in Built Environment.