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DrNazaninZounemat Kermani

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Computing

Research Associate







William Penney LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus





Dr Kermani obtained an MSc in Multimedia & Intelligent Systems from the University of Amsterdam and later a PhD in Biomedicine from Imperial College London on Data Mining for Systems Medicine and Spectroscopic Profiling. Her PhD supervisors were Professor Zoltan Takats, Professor Yike Guo and Professor Jeremy Nicholson.

 She performed postdoctoral training at Data Science Institute and National Heart & Lung Institute.  Where she implemented machine learning methods for the integration of multi-omics datasets for the endotyping of respiratory diseases. She also developed a data management platform for RASP-UK. RASP-UK is a Consortium that brings together clinical and academic excellence from UK Universities and Pharmaceutical Industry to tackle refractory asthma.

She is working on federated machine learning for health data within PIONEER. PIONEER is an Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) funded project to tackle prostate cancer using big data.


She has authored and co-authored over 20 scientific articles. She is a member of the U-BIOPRED consortium, where she applies machine learning and systems medicine to one of the largest severe asthma cohorts in Europe to unravel severe asthma mechanisms that are funded through the Innovative Medicine Initiative of the European Union and EFPIA.



Mumby S, Kermani NZ, Garnett JP, et al., 2022, CEACAM5 is an IL-13-regulated epithelial gene that mediates transcription in type-2 (T2) high severe asthma, Allergy, Vol:77, ISSN:0105-4538, Pages:3463-3466

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Kermani N, Song W-J, Badi Y, et al., 2021, Sputum ACE2, TMPRSS2 and FURIN gene expression in severe neutrophilic asthma, Respiratory Research, Vol:22, ISSN:1465-9921

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