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Professor of Cardiology and Head of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Imperial College London, Consultant Cardiologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (Hammersmith & St Mary's Hospitals) and founder of Imperial's Connected Care Bureau.  His other appointments include Adjunct Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Columbia University, New York. 

At Imperial, he is Director of the ElectroCardioMaths Programme, and Clinical Lead of Imperial Centre for Cardiac Engineering.  He was the non-US member of the Board of Trustees and founding member of the Digital Health and Research Committees of Heart Rhythm Society, USA, and on several academic and commercial Boards, including DigitalHealth.London.

Clinical Advisor to Google Fit & Health, and now Fitbit @Google in London.

Professor Peters established the Connected Care Bureau as a joint venture of Imperial College & NHS Trust in London - as the only way to drive implementation of tech-enabled better and more cost effective care. The CCB team of allied health professionals (specialist nurses, physiologists, pharmacists, paramedics, etc) respond to inbound data and provide first-line management of remotely monitored patients following SOPs and escalation pathways drafted by each speciality, and in so doing reduce the burden for multiple acute clinical teams across all specialities.  As such, Professor Peters leads a collaborative network that provides the ideal mix of permissive clinical environment, authority, expertise, track-record and governance structure for any health provider, commercial or investor operation to understand and establish itself in the field locally, nationally and globally. 

Nicholas Peters is a Cardiologist specializing in implanted and on-body biosensor technologies in improving healthcare and outcomes. Founded ElectroCardioMaths Programme which, along with Imperial's Connected Care Programme - forms the centerpiece for Imperial Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Engineering. He is a Clinical Academic, performing ablation and device-implant procedures in the management of arrhythmias, forming the basis of the clinical component of the program of research into myocardial conduction ranging from sub-cellular morphological determinants of cell-cell coupling, to conduction properties of human myocardium in health and disease, and funded principally by the British Heart Foundation.

He has more than 200 peer-reviewed papers and holds patents in the field.   He has a number of international research collaborations, is on the Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards and is Consultant to a number of academic, publishing and commercial entities in Europe and the USA.  Co-founder of the European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society, Symphony Medical Inc and CardioPolymers Inc, and eHealthCompass and DASH Medical Ltd. 



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