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I am a Research Associate (RA) and Software Engineer at the Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College London.

I am working on the PhenoMeNal project.

My scientific research and software development focuses on several areas such as machine learning and data mining in drug design and discovery, image analysis and processing.

Before joining Imperial, I did a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham and worked there for a while. After that I was a post-doc at Brunel University London and a Software Developer at the IEA

Apart from the above, I also have a life ;-)

I am Libyan. Libya is a big country in north Africa. I am married and have two beautiful daughters and a cheeky son.

I enjoy reading in general, although my favourite topic is the purpose of life and the reason of our existence (you are welcome to have a chat about this). I also enjoy playing football. I played for a team when I was younger back home in Libya. Now, with age and work taking their toll, I started to play 5,6 or 7-aside games :-)

My Youtube Tutorials:

  • Click here for the WEKA API code
  • Click here for the Genetic Algorithms code
  • Click here for the Perceptron algorithm code
  • Click here for the Data Mining Slides
  • Click here for the k-Nearest Neighbour code
  • Click here for the Python Data Processing code and notebooks
  • Click here for the HDF5 in Python code and notebooks


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