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Dr Matthias Weigl, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Germany, Distractions in healthcare environments and impact on performance and safety, 2011

Professor David Birnbach, University of Miami, Simulation-based team training, 2011

Dr Erica Mitchell, Oregon Health and Science University, Skills assessment and development in vascular surgery; vascular simulation, 2009

Dr. Flora Kokkinaki, Athens University of Economics and Business, 2005

Professor Nigel Harvey, University College London, Behavioural decision making - experimental and applied approaches, 2004

Dr KV Petrides, University College London, Emotional intelligence, 2004

Guest Lectures

Safety in emergencies: Interactions between teams, equipment and environment., Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine 31st Congress., Bergen, Norway., 2013

From the art of teamwork to the science of team performance – Building and maintaining ‘dream-teams’ in healthcare., Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon, USA, 2013

Non-technical skills training and assessment: What’s important?, Association of Program Directors in Vascular Surgery – 3rd Simulation Summit., Chicago, IL, USA, 2013

Why do good innovations fail? Lessons for innovators., Royal Society of Medicine – Urology Section., London, UK., 2013

How can we make morbidity and mortality meetings more meaningful?, Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Winter Scientific Meeting (AAGBI WSM)., London, UK, 2013

Team skills and organisational culture: Healthcare teams for the 21st century., Danish Institute for MEdical Simulation - 9th Øresund Symposium: “Patient safety – Evidence, education, implementation”., Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012

Leadership, safety and change: A perspective on junior doctors’ contributions., Royal Society of Medicine - Patient Safety Section, London, UK., 2012

Communicating about patient safety in the workplace., Royal College of Anaesthetists – Annual Patient Safety Conference., Glasgow, UK., 2012

From art and personality to science and performance: Building healthcare teams for the 21st century, Feinberg School of Medicine, University of Chicago. Gerald Ujiki Annual Plenary Lecture., Chicago, IL, USA, 2012

How does the MDT work in day to day practice? The psychologist’s view., Black Country Cardiovascular Network, Wolverhampton, UK., 2012

Why should anaesthetists improve their communication skills? ., European Society of Anaesthesiology: Euroanaesthesia – The European Anaesthesiology Congress, Paris, France., 2012

Beyond team training – Novel applications of operating theatre simulation and national recommendations for faculty., Anglia Ruskin University - Anaesthesia at the Postgraduate Medical Institute., Chelmsford, UK., 2012

Human error., Royal Society of Medicine and Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh., Durham, UK., 2012

Cognitive factors and stress during surgical procedures., Clermont-Ferrand, Faculty of Medicine, “Teaching minimally invasive therapies – Surgery and Interventional Radiology” Conference., Clermont-Ferrand, France., 2012

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Patient safety workshop, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia., 2011

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Team skills, team briefings, checklists and other improbable creatures: From the art of teamwork to the science of team performance., Royal Society of Medicine, Urology Section., London, UK., 2011

Safe doctors, safe patients: Human performance, human error, and patient safety., Thessaloniki Medical Association and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Medical School, Thessaloniki, Greece., 2011

Complex skills, complex technologies: Simulation-based research and training of surgeons’ non-technical skills., Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh., Edinburgh, UK., 2011

A psychologist in the operating theatre: The art and science of assessing and training behavioural skills in medicine and surgery., London School of Economics and Political Science - Institute of Social Psychology., London, UK., 2011

Methodologies to improve patient safety., Royal College of Anaesthetists., London, UK., 2010

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The systems approach to patient safety and the London Protocol., Universidad Nacional de Colombia., Bogotá, Colombia., 2008

Assessment of frontline safety skills., National Patient Safety Agency 2nd Annual Research Workshop., London, UK., 2008

Assessment of nontechnical skills in healthcare: The state of the art., European Trauma Course Faculty meeting., Vienna, Austria., 2008

Medical error and patient safety., Royal College of Anaesthetists and Intensive Care Society, London, UK., 2008

Assessing and improving teamwork in the operating theatre., Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists., London, UK., 2008

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Patient safety and medical error. ., Cancer Research UK, Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education (CHIME) at the Royal Free and University College Medical School, the London Judgment and Decision Making group, international meeting, London, UK., 2006

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Research Student Supervision

Ahmed,M, Approaches to education and training for patient safety

Cohen,D, Simulation-based training for emergency planning and response