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AB - e19532 Background: We previously showed that polo like kinase 2 (Snk/Plk2) is subject to methylation-dependent transcriptional silencing in a very high frequency in Burkitt lymphomas. Here, we have examined CpG methylation in Snk/Plk2 in a well-characterized series of multiple myeloma (MM) patients. METHODS: Bone marrow samples from individuals with MM were obtained at diagnosis and in 5 cases at disease progression as well. Genomic DNA was isolated and bisulphite modification was performed using commercially available kits. The methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction (MSP) was employed to study its methylation status. Control methylated and unmethylated genomic DNAs were included in each experiment. Ten bone marrow samples from individuals proven to have no haematological malignancy, served as negative controls. Logistic regression analyses were used to measure the association between gene methylation and the development of advanced disease (DS≥II), extramedullary disease, bone disease, anemia (Hb 10 mg/dl), serum albumin and beta 2 microglobulin levels. RESULTS: We analyzed the methylation of Snk/Plk2 in 45 cases of MM (24 male, 21 female, mean age 66.4 years ±12.4). Classical cytogenetic analysis was available in 30/45 patients and none of them was found to have chromosome 13 abnormalities. No sample from the control population was found methylated. The Snk/Plk2 promoter was found to be methylated in 27/45 patients (60%). Median survival of patients in whom the Snk/Plk2 CpG island was methylated was 7.1 years compared to a median survival of 8.8 years for unmethylated. However Snk/Plk2 methylation was not a predictor of excess mortality (HR=0.6, p=0.5), bone lytic lesions (OR=0.56, p=0.3), anemia (OR=0.5, p=0.3) or advanced stage as defined above (OR=0.8, p=0.7). CONCLUSIONS: Snk/Plk2 DNA Methylation is a frequent event in patients with multiple myeloma. There was no association between the methylation status of the gene and relevant clinical par
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