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Dr Nejra van Zalk is a lecturer and researcher in psychology and human factors at the Dyson School of Design Engineering. Within the school she is head of the Design Psychology Lab, which focuses on understanding psychological mechanisms that govern human behaviour, emotions, and decision-making processes related to designing products, services, and behavioural interventions that benefit mental health. She is lead for the Imperial College Human Behaviour and Experience (HubEx) network, and is also an affiliate of Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering and the Imperial Robotics Forum.

Her research areas include the development of psychopathology (such as social anxiety and depression) and its effects on online/offline social networks and relationships, human-technology interaction, behavioural stability and change, and emotion mapping.

Dr van Zalk is also year-1 coordinator for the Global Innovation Design programme (co-run with the Royal College of Art), and is module lead for several psychology courses at Imperial Horizons.


Positions are available for excellent prospective PhD students and postdoctoral staff. Please contact Dr van Zalk directly if you wish to apply for a position in the area of design/engineering psychology and/or human factors.



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