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2007- Imperial College London. Dept. Chemical Engineering. Honorary Professorial Research Fellow. Biomedical Engineering, (Associated with NHLI, ICCH, St Mary's Campus). Joint development & supervision of research projects. Since joining the present team in 2001 (see 2001-2007 below), Prof. Wood’s research on the cardiovascular system with the Chemical Engineering/ICCH team has broadened to include patho-physiology of coronary, carotid, femoral and retinal arteries, aortic aneurysms, arterial mass transfer, venous flows, laminar-turbulent transition in larger arteries and aortic dissection.
2001-2007 Imperial College London. Dept. Chemical Engineering. Principal Research Fellow (part-funded, part honorary). (Activities as above).
2001-2007 University of Surrey. Honorary Visiting Professor, School of Engineering. Fluids & Structures Research Centre: biofluid mechanics research; Department of Bioengineering: Lecturing to MSc course (fee-based remuneration).
1996-2002 Imperial College, Part-time visiting researcher, consultant (part funded, part-honorary), Dept Mechanical Engineering & Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Unit, Royal Brompton & Harefield Trust. Developing & supervising projects on cardiovascular flow analysis via MR/CFD.
1992-1996 Royal Brompton Hospital, Honorary part-time visiting researcher, Magnetic Resonance Unit. Developing funding proposals on combining MR vascular anatomy & velocity measurements with analysis by computational fluid dynamics (CFD). One of the originators of image-based computational modelling of flow in arteries, evaluating the approach in vitro and in vivo. Image-based modelling has become important in research on arterial disease, both its development and catastrophic end stages, both of which are strongly influenced by fluid dynamical phenomena. Because of its basis in medical imaging, the methodology allows in vivo investigations on human subjects or patients.
1995-1997 City University, Visiting Professor, Centre for Aeronautics. Establishing aerospace industrial links.
1992-2001 N B Wood Consultancy, Principal. (Part-time independent engineering consultancy, concurrent with Imperial/Brompton research above). Clients in aerospace & energy engineering. (Included term as SERC Aerospace Industries Grants Coordinator 1992-1994.)
1970-1992 Electricity generation industry (CEGB, National Power, National Power Cogen). Turbomachinery & other engineering research & projects. Combined heat & power project development. Included leading a turbine research group that investigated poor performance of low pressure stages in large steam turbine generators and was responsible, with other groups, for modifying all 500 & 660 MW turbines (coal, oil and nuclear) in England and Wales, and some in Scotland, for performance improvement, with net savings of >£13M p.a., which seemed a lot at the time.
1967-1970 Imperial College, Research Associate, Physiological Flow Studies Unit (Now part of Dept. Bioengineering). Haemodynamics research, lecturing. Research leading to PhD, DIC. Discovered turbulence in the circulation, leading to ground-breaking research study.
1959-1967 Royal Armament R&D Establishment, Fort Halstead, Kent, Hypersonic aerodynamics research; project aerodynamics. In association with Imperial College Department of Aeronautics: MSc(Eng).
1956-1959 Imperial College. Aeronautics. BSc(Eng), ACGI.



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