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Mr Nathan Johnson

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Research Postgraduate







605Weeks BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Nathan is a multi-disciplinary PhD student working in the fields of energy, land use and climate change at the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP). He holds a BSc in Natural Sciences (first-class honours) and an MSc in Environmental Technology and Energy Policy (with distinction) from Imperial College London.

Nathan's research quantifies historical progress and estimates the future efforts required to transform the global energy and land use systems using the well-known Stabilization Wedge framework. A strong emphasis is placed on framing climate solutions in a conceptually simple and intuitive way that is accessible to audiences outside of energy and climate circles. His research is funded by the EPSRC under the Energy research theme and is supervised by Dr Iain Staffell (CEP) and Professor Robert Gross (UKERC).

Nathan also delivers lectures and seminars to students on the Energy Policy and Global Environmental Change and Policy options of the Environmental Technology MSc at CEP, and supervises a number of MSc theses each year. Recent thesis projects have evaluated the emissions abatement potential of dietary change and reducing food loss and waste. 



Johnson NJ, Gross R, Staffell I, 2021, Stabilisation wedges: measuring progress towards transforming the global energy and land use systems, Environmental Research Letters, Vol:16, ISSN:1748-9326

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