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Dr Niall Mac Dowell leads the Clean Fossil and Bioenergy Research Group at Imperial College. He is a Reader in Energy Systems at Imperial College London, a member of the Centre for Process Systems Engineering and the Centre for Environmental Policy. He is a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Niall is a member of the Technical Working Group of the Zero Emissions Platform and the Carbon Capture and Storage Association and is also a member of the Executive Committee of the IChemE's Energy Centre

Niall’s research interests are highly interdisciplinary and are focused on integrated multi-scale modelling of low carbon energy systems, with a particular focus on their dynamic interactions across varying length and time scales.

In addition to his research work, Niall conducts consultancy work for companies involved in power generation and has given advice to DECC/BEIS the IEA, the JRC and the ETI. He has traveled on behalf of the Foreign Office to North America, the Middle East, China and Korea to promote low carbon power generation.

Niall is also enthusiastic about public engagement, and is a regular contributor to the Sense About Science Energy Panel



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