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Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Professor of Future Energy Systems



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Clean Fossil Fuels

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Low cabon electricity generation

Biomass Enhanced Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

CO2 Capture and utilisation (CCu)

Molecular thermodynamics (SAFT)

Ionic liquids

Dynamic Process Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation

Mathematical Modelling

Invited lectures and presentations

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``CO2 capture and storage without the Geography", Alternative Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Pathways Workshop, June 2014, St Catherine's College, Oxford

``On the use of advanced association theories in process engineering", SAFT Meeting 2014, April 2014, Tróia, Portugal 

``Optimisation of post-combustion CO2 capture forflexible operation", keynote lecture at UKCCSRC Biannual meeting, April 2014, Queens' College Cambridge, UK


``UK power generation: carbon source or sink?", UKCCSRC workshop on Direct Air/Negative Emissions, March 2014, Imperial College London

``Optimisation of post-combustion CCS for flexible operation",14th Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum (APGTF) Workshop, April 2014, 1VS Conference Centre, Westminster, London, UK


``Carbon negative power generation in the UK", Lecture to the Industrial Ecology group in KU Leuven , December 2013, Belgium

``Oil Refining and CCS", The Catalyst Group, CO2 Capture and Conversion Program Annual Meeting, November, 2013, San Francisco, USA


``Decarbonising cement production" La Farge Group Annual Technical Meeting, London, June 2012


``Shipping and CCS: A systems perspective",Carbon Capture Workshop, April 2012, Texas A&M University, Doha,Qatar

``CO2 Capture", UKCCSC Winter School, February 2012, Cambridge University, UK


``Towards the application of SAFT-based to approachesto the design of ionic liquids for biomass deconstruction processes", SandiaSeminar Series, October 2012, Joint BioEnergy Institute, San Francisco,USA 

``On the integration of advanced molecular thermodynamicand process modelling and simulation", Dept. of Chemical Engineering Seminar Series, June 2010, University College London, UK

``Integrated solvent and process design for COcapture processes", MATGAS Seminar Series on CO2 and Sustainability, September 2010, Barcelona, Spain


``An overview of CO2 Capture and Storage", UKCCSC Early Careers Researchers Forum, March 2010, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland