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Dr. Niccolò Le Brun

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

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ACE ExtensionSouth Kensington Campus





My research activities focus on applying new algorithms for the optimization of industrial processes and systems. Specifically, I am currently working on developing a cloud-based platform for the real-time optimization of energy-systems.

I received my Batchelor degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pisa in 2011 and I joined Imperial College for a Master degree (2011-2012) and a Ph.D. (2013-2017).



Simpson M, Chatzopoulou M, Oyewunmi O, et al., 2019, Technoeconomic analysis of internal combustion engine - organic Rankine cycle systems for combined heat and power in energy-intensive buildings, Applied Energy, Vol:253, ISSN:0306-2619, Pages:1-13

Escriva EJS, Acha S, LeBrun N, et al., 2019, Modelling of a real CO2 booster installation and evaluation of control strategies for heat recovery applications in supermarkets, International Journal of Refrigeration, Vol:107, ISSN:0140-7007, Pages:288-300

Voulgaropoulos V, Zadrazil I, Le Brun N, et al., 2019, On the link between experimentally‐measured turbulence quantities and polymer‐induced drag reduction in pipe flows, Aiche Journal, Vol:65, ISSN:0001-1541, Pages:1-13

Le Brun N, Markides CN, 2019, A Galinstan-Filled Capillary Probe for Thermal Conductivity Measurements and Its Application to Molten Eutectic KNO3-NaNO3-NaNO2 (HTS) up to 700K (vol 36, 3222, 2015), International Journal of Thermophysics, Vol:40, ISSN:0195-928X


Acha Izquierdo S, Le Brun N, Shah N, et al., 2019, Assessing the modelling approach and datasets required for fault detection in photovoltaic systems, IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, IEEE

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