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I am a PDRA with the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science, at Imperial College London.  My current research (following on from my PhD at Imperial, 2013) is focused on exploring the physics of high intensity laser plasma interactions, with the particular aim of understanding and optimising the ion beams generated. 

The extremely large electric fields produced in laser plasma interactions are orders of magnitude higher than those possible in 'conventional' accelerators, and allow the acceleration of energetic ions (>> MeV/nucleon) over small distances (~micrometers). Such compact ion sources could be useful for medical and industrial applications.  Our research group works on investigating the acceleration mechanisms responsible for the energetic particles, and finding ways to create beams more useful for future applications.

Research Interests

  • Near-critical density gas jet targets for shock, hole boring acceleration
  • Ultrathin targetry for radiation pressure and relativistic transparency dominated acceleration regimes
  • Optimisation of sheath acceleration sources
  • Applications of laser-driven particle sources
  • Experimental investigations at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Imperial College London
  • Numerical Particle-In-Cell simulations of laser plasma interactions with Epoch code; fluid modelling using FLASH

Selected Publications

J.S. Green, N.P. Dover et al., Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 56 084001 (2014)

N.P. Dover and Z. Najmudin High Energy Density Phys. 8 2 (2012)

C.A.J. Palmer, N.P. Dover et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 014801 (2011)

Z. Najmudin, C.A.J. Palmer, N.P. Dover et al. Phys. Plasmas 18 056705 (2011)



Dover NP, Nishiuchi M, Sakaki H, et al., 2020, Demonstration of repetitive energetic proton generation by ultra-intense laser interaction with a tape target, High Energy Density Physics, Vol:37, ISSN:1574-1818

Passalidis S, Ettlinger OC, Hicks GS, et al., 2020, Hydrodynamic computational modelling and simulations of collisional shock waves in gas jet targets, High Power Laser Science and Engineering, Vol:8, ISSN:2095-4719

King M, Butler NMH, Wilson R, et al., 2019, Role of magnetic field evolution on filamentary structure formation in intense laser-foil interactions, High Power Laser Science and Engineering, Vol:7, ISSN:2095-4719


Chen Y-H, Helle M, Ting A, et al., 2016, Laser Acceleration of Protons with an Optically Shaped, Near-Critical Hydrogen Gas Target, 17th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (AAC), AMER INST PHYSICS, ISSN:0094-243X

Ting A, Hafizi B, Helle M, et al., 2016, Staging and Laser Acceleration of Ions in Underdense Plasma, 17th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (AAC), AMER INST PHYSICS, ISSN:0094-243X

More Publications