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Cell lineage-specific mitochondrial resilience during mammalian organogenesis


Stephen P. Burr, Florian Klimm, Angelos Glynos, Malwina Prater, Pamella Sendon, Pavel Nash, Christopher A. Powell, Marie-Lune Simard, Nina A. Bonekamp, Julia Charl Hector Diaz, Lyuba V. Bozhilova, Yu Nie, Haixin Zhang, Michele Frison, Maria Falkenberg, Nick Jones, Michal Minczuk, James B. Stewart, Patrick F. Chinnery


Stochastic survival of the densest and mitochondrial DNA clonal expansion in aging.

PNAS, BLOG article

Insalata F, Hoitzing H, Aryaman J, Jones NS

Modularity maximisation for graphons

SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, BLOG article

Klimm F, Jones NS, Schaub MT


 Soundscapes predict species occurrence in tropical forests,


Sethi SS, Ewers RM, Jones NS, Sleutel J, Shabrani A, Zulkifli N, Picinali L

Mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy is modulated during oocyte development propagating mutation transmission,

Science Advances,

Zhang H, Esposito M, Pezet MG, Aryaman J, Wei W, Klimm F, Calabrese C, Burr SP, Macabelli CH, Viscomi C, Saitou M, Chiaratti MR, Stewart JB, Jones N, Chinnery PF

Influencing dynamics on social networks without knowledge of network microstructure,

Journal of the Royal Society Interface,

Garrod M, Jones N

Cell competition acts as a purifying selection to eliminate cells with mitochondrial defects during early mouse development,

Nature Metabolism,

Lima A, Lubatti G, Burgstaller J, Hu D, Green AP, Di Gregorio A, Zawadzki T, Pernaute B, Mahammadov E, Perez-Montero S, Dore M, Sanchez JM, Bowling S, Sancho M, Kolbe T, Karimi MM, Carling D, Jones N, Srinivas S, Sciadldone A, Rodriguez T


A mechanistic explanation of the transition to simple multicellularity in fungi.,

Nature Communications, BLOG article

Heaton LLM, Jones NS, Fricker MD

Community detection in networks without observing edges,

Science Advances, BLOG articles

Hoffmann T, Peel L, Lambiotte R, Jones NS

Visualizing, quantifying and manipulating mitochondrial DNA in vivo.,

Journal of Biological Chemistry

Prole DL, Chinnery PF, Jones NS

Inference of a universal social scale and segregation measures using social connectivity kernels,

Journal of the Royal Society Interface, BLOG article

Hoffmann T, Jones NS

SAFE Acoustics: an open-source, real-time eco-acoustic monitoring network in the tropical rainforests of Borneo,

Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Sethi S, Ewers R, Jones N, Signorelli A, Picinali L, Orme CD

Cell identity and nucleo-mitochondrial genetic context modulate OXPHOS performance and determine somatic heteroplasmy dynamics,

Science Advances

Lechuga-Vieco AV, Latorre-Pellicer A, Johnston IG, Prota G, Gileadi U, Justo-Méndez R, Acín-Pérez R, Martínez-de-Mena R, Fernández-Toro JM, Jimenez-Blasco D, Mora A, Nicolás-Ávila JA, Santiago DJ, Priori SG, Bolaños JP, Sabio G, Criado LM, Ruíz-Cabello J, Cerundolo V, Jones NS, Enríquez JA

Characterising soundscapes across diverse ecosystems using a universal acoustic feature-set,


Sethi S, Jones NS, Fulcher B, Picinali L, Clink DJ, Klinck H, Orme CDLO, Wrege P, Ewers R

A self-organizing, living library of time-series data,

Scientific Data

Fulcher B, Lubba C, Sethi S, Jones N


The homeostatic dynamics of feeding behaviour identify novel mechanisms of anorectic agents,

PLoS Biology, BLOG article

McGrath T, Spreckley E, Rodriguez A, Viscomi C, Alamshah A, Akalestou E, Murphy K, Jones N

catch22: CAnonical Time-series CHaracteristics: Selected through highly comparative time-series analysis

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, BLOG article

Lubba CH, Sethi SS, Knaute P, Schultz SR, Fulcher* BD, Jones* NS

Regulation of mother-to-offspring transmission of mtDNA heteroplasmy

Cell Metabolism

Latorre-Pellicer A, Lechuga-Vieco AV, Johnston IG, Hämäläinen RH, Pellico J, Justo-Méndez R, Fernández-Toro JM, Clavería C, Guaras A, Sierra R, Llop J, Torres M, Criado LM, Suomalainen A, Jones NS, Ruíz-Cabello J, Enríquez JA

Precision identification of high-risk phenotypes and progression pathways in severe malaria without requiring longitudinal data

NPJ Digital Medicine

Iain G Johnston, Till Hoffmann, Sam F Greenbury, Ornella Cominetti, Muminatou Jallow, Dominic Kwiatkowski, Mauricio Barahona, Nick S Jones*, Climent Casals-Pascual*

Mitochondrial heterogeneity

Frontiers in Genetics BLOG article

Aryaman J, Johnston I, Jones N

Mitochondrial network state scales mtDNA genetic dynamics

Genetics BLOG article

Aryaman J, Bowles C, Jones* NS, Johnston* IG

Energetic costs of cellular and therapeutic control of stochastic mitochondrial DNA populations

PLoS Computational Biology BLOG article

Hoitzing H, Gammage PA, Haute LV, Minczuk M, Johnston* IG, Jones* NS

Biochemical Szilard engines for memory-limited inference

New Journal of Physics

Brittain R, Jones N, Ouldridge T


Large-scale genetic analysis reveals mammalian mtDNA heteroplasmy dynamics and variance increase through lifetimes and generations,

Nature Communications BLOG article

Burgstaller* JP, Kolbe T, Havlicek V, Hembach S, Poulton J, Pialek J, Steinborn R, Ruelicke T, Brem G, Jones* NS, Johnston* IG

High prevalence of focal and multi-focal somatic genetic variants in the human brain

Nature Communications BLOG article

Keogh MJ, Wei W, Aryaman J, Walker L, van den Ameele J, Coxhead J, Wilson I, Bashton M, Beck J, West J, Chen R, Haudenschild C, Bartha G, Luo S, Morris CM, Jones NS, Attems J, Chinnery PF

Robust, real-time and autonomous monitoring of ecosystems with an open, low-cost, networked device,

Methods in Ecology and Evolution BLOG article

Sethi SS, Ewers RM, Jones NS, Orme CDL, Picinali L

Large algebraic connectivity fluctuations in spatial network ensembles imply a predictive advantage from node location information,

Phys. Rev. E BLOG article

Matt Garrod, Nick S. Jones

Quantitative approaches to energy and glucose homeostasis: machine learning and modelling for precision understanding and prediction

Royal Society Interface 

Tom McGrath, Kevin Murphy, Nick S. Jones


Looplessness in networks is linked to trophic coherence

PNAS preprint BLOG article

Samuel Johnson, Nick S. Jones

What we learn from the learning rate

Journal of Statistical Mechanics BLOG article

Rory A Brittain, Nick S Jones and Tom E Ouldridge

A biochemical machine for the interconversion of mutual information and work,

Physical Review Letters BLOG article

Tom McGrath, Nick S Jones, Peter Rein ten Wolde, Tom Ouldridge

Mitochondrial heterogeneity, metabolic scaling and cell death

BioEssays BLOG article

Juvid Aryaman, Hanne Hoitzing, Joerg Burgstaller, Iain Johnston, Nick S. Jones

Designing the optimal bit: balancing energetic cost, speed and reliability

Proceedings of the Royal Society A

Abhishek Deshpande, Manoj Gopalkrishnan, Tom Ouldridge, Nick S Jones

Chemical Boltzmann Machines


William Poole, Andrés Ortiz-Muñoz, Abhishek Behera, Nick S. Jones, Thomas E. Ouldridge, Erik Winfree, Manoj Gopalkrishnan



Towards Precision Healthcare: Context and Mathematical Challenges  

Frontiers in Physiology 

Caroline Colijn, Nick S. Jones, Iain G. Johnston, Sophia Yaliraki, Mauicio Barahona

Evolution of Cell-to-Cell Variability in Stochastic, Controlled, Heteroplasmic mtDNA Populations,

 American Journal of Human Genetics BLOG article

Iain G. Johnston, Nick S. Jones

The State of Vaccine Confidence 2016: Global Insights Through a 67-Country Survey,

Ebiomedicine BLOG article, Commentary, Science article

Heidi Larson, Alex de Figueiredo, Xiahong Z, Will Schulz, Pierre Verger, Iain G. Johnston, Alex Cook, Nick S. Jones 


Forecasting time-series trends in vaccination coverage and their links with socio-economic factors: A global analysis over 30 years,

Lancet Global Health BLOG article, Commentary

Alex de Figueiredo, Iain G. Johnston, David M.D. Smith, Sumeet Agarwal, Heidi Larson, Nick S. Jones

Energetic constraints on fungal growth

American Naturalist BLOG artcile

Luke L.M. Heaton, Nick S Jones, Mark Fricker


Stochastic modelling, Bayesian inference, and new in vivo measurements elucidate the debated mtDNA bottleneck mechanism

eLife BLOG article

Iain G Johnston, Joerg P Burgstaller, Vitezslav Havlicek, Thomas Kolbe, Thomas Rulicke, Gottfried Brem, Jo Poulton, Nick S Jones

Closed-form stochastic solutions for non-equilibrium dynamics and inheritance of cellular components over many cell divisions

Proceedings of the Royal Society A BLOG article

Iain G. Johnston, Nick S. Jones

What is the function of mitochondrial networks? (supplement)

BioEssays BLOG article

Hanne Hoitzing, Iain G. Johnston, Nick S. Jones



The mitoflash probe cpYFP does not respond to superoxide - Brief Communication Arising

Nature BLOG article

Markus Schwarzlander, S.Wagner, Y.Ermakova, V.V.Belousov, R.Radi, J.S.Beckman, G.R.Buettner, N.Demaurex, M.R.Duchen, H.J.Forman, M.D.Fricker, D.Gems, A.P. Halestrap, B.Halliwell, U.Jakob, Iain G. Johnston, Nick S. Jones, D.C. Logan, B.Morgan, F.L.Muller, D.G.Nicholls, S.James Remington, P.T.Schumacker, C.C.Winterbourn, L.J.Sweetlove, A.J.Meyer, T.P.Dick and Michael P. Murphy


Explicit tracking of uncertainty increases the power of quantitative rule-of-thumb reasoning in cell biology (CaladisWebsite, Nature Toolbox examples)

Biophysical Journal BLOG article

Iain G. Johnston, Ben Rickett, Nick S. Jones


FRIENDLY regulates mitochondrial distribution, fusion, and quality control in Arabidopsis

Plant Physiology BLOG article

Amr El Zawily, Markus Schwarzlsnder, Iris Finkemeier, Iain G Johnston, Abdelilah Benamar,Yongguo Cao, Clemence Gissot, Andreas Meyer, Ken Wilson, Raju Datla, David Macherel, Nick S. Jones and David Logan


How modular structure can simplify tasks on networks: parameterizing graph optimization by fast local community detection

Proceedings of the Royal Society A

Binh-Minh Bui-Xuan, Nick S. Jones


mtDNA Segregation in Heteroplasmic Tissues Is Common In Vivo and Modulated by Haplotype Differences and Developmental Stage (supplement)

Cell Reports BLOG article

Joerg Patrick Burgstaller, Iain G. Johnston, Nick S. Jones, J. Albrechtova, T. Kolbe, C. Vogl, A. Futschik, C. Mayrhofer, D. Klein, S. Sabitzer, M. Blattner, C. Gully, J. Poulton, T. Rulicke, J. Pialek, R. Steinborn, G. Brem


Highly comparative, feature-based, time-series classification (supplement)

IEEE Transactions in KDE BLOG article

Ben Fulcher, Nick S. Jones



Highly Comparative Time-Series Analysis: the empirical structure of time series and their methods (super supplement, rest of supplement)

Journal of the Royal Society Interface BLOG article

Ben Fulcher, Max Little, Nick S. Jones


Signal Processing and Inference for the Physical Sciences (volume)

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A BLOG article

Editors Nick S. Jones and Thomas J. Maccarone


Inference for the Physical Sciences (introduction)

Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A. 371 20120493 BLOG article

Nick S. Jones and Thomas J. Maccarone


Signal processing for molecular and cellular biological physics

Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A. 371 20110546

Max Little and Nick S. Jones


Function-valued traits in evolution (supplement)

Journal of the Royal Society Interface BLOG article

Pantelis Z. Hadjipantelis, Nick S. Jones, John Moriarty, David Springate, Christopher G. Knight.


Evolutionary Inference for Functional Data: Using Gaussian Processes on Phylogenies to Study Shape Evolution (journal version, supplement)

Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 10, 20120616 BLOG article

BLOG Public Experiment

Nick S. Jones, John Moriarty




Highly Comparative Fetal Heart Rate Analysis

(conference paper) Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2012 Annual International Conference of the IEEE

Ben Fulcher, Alexandra Georgieva, Chris Redman and Nick S. Jones


What Evidence is There for the Homology of Protein-Protein Interactions? (supplement)

PLoS Computational Biology 8(9): e1002645 BLOG article

Anna Lewis, Nick S Jones, Mason Porter, Charlotte Deane


Advection, diffusion and delivery over a network (supplement)

Phys. Rev. E 86, 021905 BLOG article

Luke L. M. Heaton, Eduardo Lopez, Philip K. Maini, Mark D. Fricker, Nick S. Jones


Analysis of fungal networks

Fungal Biology Reviews doi:10.1016/j.fbr.2012.02.001.

Luke L. M. Heaton, Boguslaw Obara, Vincente Grau, Nick S. Jones, Toshi Nakagaki, Lynne Boddy, Mark D. Fricker


Taxonomies of Networks from Community Structure (supplement)

Phys. Rev. E 86, 036104 BLOG article

Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Daniel J. Fenn, Stephen Reid, Mason A. Porter, Peter J. Mucha, Mark D. Fricker, Nick S. Jones


Mitochondrial Variability as a Source of Extrinsic Cellular Noise (supplement)

PLoS Computational Biology 8(3): e1002416. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002416 BLOG article

Iain G. Johnston, Bernadett Gaal, Ricardo Pires das Neves, Tariq Enver, Francisco J. Iborra, Nick S. Jones


Pulsing of Membrane Potential in Individual Mitochondria: A Stress-Induced Mechanism to Regulate Respiratory Bioenergetics in Arabidopsis
Plant Cell 24, 1188-1201 BLOG article
M. Schwarzlander, D. C. Logan, I. G. Johnston, N. S. Jones, M. D. Fricker and L. J. Sweetlove


Dynamical Clustering of Exchange Rates

Quantitative Finance 12, 1493-1520

Daniel J. Fenn, Mason A. Porter, Peter J. Mucha, Mark McDonald, Stacy Williams, Neil F. Johnson, Nick S. Jones


Phylogenetic inference for function-valued traits: speech sound evolution

Trends in Evolution and Ecology (free version and non-free weblink) 27, 160-166 BLOG article

John Aston, Dorothy Buck, John Coleman, Colin Cotter, Nick S. Jones, Vincent Macaulay, Norman Macleod, John Moriarty, Andrew Nevins.


Steps and bumps: precision extraction of discrete states of molecular machines using physically-based, high-throughput time series analysis

Biophysical Journal 2, 477 BLOG article

M.A. Little, B.C. Steel, F. Bai, Y. Sowa, T. Bilyard, D.M. Mueller, R.M. Berry, N.S. Jones


Generalized methods and solvers for noise removal from piecewise constant signals. I. Background theory

Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 467, 2088 BLOG article

M.A. Little N.S. Jones


Generalized methods and solvers for noise removal from piecewise constant signals. II. New Methods

Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 467, 3115 BLOG article

M.A. Little N.S. Jones


Temporal evolution of financial-market correlations

Phys. Rev. E 84, 026109 BLOG article

D.J. Fenn, M.A. Porter, S. Williams, M. McDonald, N.F. Johnson and N.S. Jones



Connecting Variability in Global Transcription Rate to Mitochondrial Variability

PLoS Biology 8(12): e1000560 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000560 BLOG article

Ricardo Pires das Neves, Nick S. Jones, Lorena Andreu, Rajeev Gupta,  Tariq Enver, Francisco J. Iborra


Growth-induced mass flows in fungal networks

Proceedings of the Royal Society B 277, 3265 BLOG article

Luke Heaton, Eduardo Lopez, Philip K. Maini, Mark D. Fricker, Nick S. Jones


Revisiting Date and Party Hubs: Novel Approaches to Role Assignment in Protein Interaction Networks  

PLoS Computational Biology 6(6):e1000817 BLOG article

Sumeet Agarwal, Charlotte M. Deane, Mason A. Porter, Nick S. Jones


The Function of Communities in Protein Interaction Networks at Multiple Scales

BMC Systems Biology 4, 100 BLOG article

Anna C. F. Lewis, Nick S. Jones, Mason A. Porter, Charlotte M. Deane

Structural dynamics and robustness of food webs.

Ecology Letters 13, 891 doi: 10.1111/j.1461-0248.2010.01485.x

Phillip P. A. Staniczenko, Owen T. Lewis, Nick S. Jones, Felix Reed-Tsochas  


Sparse bayesian step-filtering for high-throughput analysis of molecular machine dynamics

(conference paper) Proceedings IEEE ICASP 2010 p4162

Max A. Little and Nick S. Jones


Dynamic communities in multichannel data

Chaos 19, 033119 (2009) BLOG article

Daniel J. Fenn, Mason A. Porter, Mark McDonald, Stacy Williams, Neil F. Johnson, Nick S. Jones


Master-equation analysis of accelerating networks

Phys. Rev. E 79, 056101 (2009)

David M.D. Smith, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Nick S. Jones


Rapidly detecting disorder in rhythmic biological signals: A spectral entropy measure to identify cardiac arrhythmias

Phys. Rev. E 79, 011915 (2009)

Phillip P. A. Staniczenko, Chiu Fan Lee, Nick S. Jones


Using the Memories of Multiscale Machines to Characterize Complex Systems

Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 208702 (2008)

Nick S. Jones


Key Distillation and the Secret-Bit Fraction

IEEE Transactions Information Theory, 54, 680 (2008)

Nick S. Jones and Lluis Masanes


Early work:

Photon Frequency Mode Matching using Acousto-Optic Frequency Beam Splitters

Phys. Rev. A 73, 033813 (2006)

Nick S. Jones and T.M. Stace


Interconversion of Nonlocal Correlations

Phys. Rev. A 72, 052312 (2005)

Nick S. Jones and Lluis Masanes


Mediated Digraphs and Quantum Nonlocality

Discrete Appl. Math. 150, 41 (2005)

Gregory Gutin, Nick S. Jones, Arash Rafiey, Simone Severini, Anders Yeo


The Extent of Multi-particle Quantum Non-locality

Physical Review A 71, 042329 (2005)

Nick S. Jones, Noah Linden, Serge Massar


Parts of Quantum States

Phys. Rev. A 71, 012324 (2005)

Nick S. Jones and Noah Linden