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We are mathematician-physicists with interests in the Natural world. Our work abuts topics in engineering, statistics and computer science.

We study topics in (bio)energetics, inference and their interface. In bioenergetics we mostly study mitochondrial variability; in inference we investigate topics in public health and partially observed networks; and at the interface we are interested in how energetic constraints can limit information processing.

Our work thus requires tools from stochastic processes, signal processing, network analysis, algorithmics and informatics.

We are interested in comparative, feature-based, approaches to signal processing with applications in Ecology and Neuroscience. Interactive website, Code, Manual

If you would like to join us, contact me and click here for funding.

Tax payers support almost all our research and can learn about it here in our group blog.

We also write blog articles on new papers in mitochondrial physiology/genetics that we find interesting here.

We made a simple probabilistic calculator it is hooked up to bionumbers to allow rule of thumb reasoning in biology where uncertainties are quantified.


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Dr Till Hoffmann (Partially observed networks)

Nick Jones

Dr Florian Klimm (Ageing and Mitochondrial Genetics)

Dr Dane Wolf (Ageing and Mitochondrial Genetics)

Marco Esposito (Ageing and Mitochondrial Genetics)

Alistair Green (Ageing and Mitochondrial Genetics)

Johannes Happenhofer (Partially Observed Networks)

Ben Ingledow (Ageing and Mitochondrial Genetics)

Ferdinando Insalata (Ageing and Mitochondrial Genetics)

Rein Leetmaa (Ageing and Mitochondrial Genetics)

Aidan Marshall (Ageing and Mitochondrial Genetics)

Sahil Loomba (Partially observed networks)


Dr Alex de Figueiredo (Vaccination and Partially Observed Networks)

Dr Sarab Sethi (Comparative approaches to signal processing)

Advanced Hackspace

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In 2012 I had the idea that Imperial could have a kind of Advanced Hackspace. I wrote a letter outlining my ideas. Following positive responses, and with the encouragement of Peter Childs, I wrote a grant for our Advanced Hackspace in 2013. Since 2014 this Advanced Hackspace is now active under the name ICAH and members of the Imperial community can join. Explore it here. This is a network of spaces, supported by skilled staff, where members of the college can make their ideas happen. In 2017 Imperial opened a dedicated Advanced Hackspace facility at its White City Campus. I'm now on the academic management team of the space.

Precision Healthcare

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I co-founded, with Caroline Colijn and Mauricio Barahona, the EPSRC Centre for the Mathematics of Precision Healthcare

It has a linked Mathematics in Medicine grouping.

Data Use

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We also analyse healthcare records provided to us by NHS digital to better understand the relationship between hospitalisations and signals from wastewater-based monitoring of SARS-CoV-2. You can find out more in our privacy notice: nhs digital privacy notice