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Dr Nick Linton is a Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Bioengineering Department and also a Consultant Cardiologist, treating patients at Imperial NHS Trust. His research aims to improve the treatment of patients with heart rhythm disorders.

Prior to medicine, Nick obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering, Economics and Management from Oxford University. After a period developing new cardiac output monitoring technology, he then studied medicine at King’s College, London. His medical training was based around London and he also spent a year training in France with Professors Haïssaguerre, Jaïs and Hocini at their leading electrophysiology unit in Bordeaux. Nick was awarded a PhD, investigating the mapping and ablation of organised atrial arrhythmias.

Dr Linton is a co-inventor of Ripple Mapping, which is used to guide invasive ablation treatments for complex cardiac arrhythmias. He is currently involved in developing new approaches to the ablation of complex arrhythmias and also the prediction of recurrence after ablation.

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