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Dr Nidhi Gupta is a Research Associate at the Centre for Environmental Policy in the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Imperial College London.

Research Interests

Citizen Science, Environmental Policy, Stakeholder Engagement,Public Acceptance of new agri-food technologies, Governance and Management of Natural Resources and Risk communication

Tree Health Citizen Science Project

Funded by Defra and hosted at OPAL Imperial College London, Nidhi is working on the research project that focus on reviewing the fairly nascent tree health citizen science landscape in the UK. The project aims to map the citizen science-relevant evidence needs across tree health policy,management and science; analyse the current portfolio of tree health citizen science projects is delivering in respect to the evidence needs and ultimately develop a strategic plan and direction for tree health citizen science with the objective of enhancing the support that citizen science provides to policy, management and science.

Using a combination of research methodologies such as perception mapping, policy workshop and gap analysis, a detailed stakeholder analysis of capacity, capability, motivations and enthusiasm will be conducted in order to match potential citizen science groups and individuals with requirements of tree health policy, management and science and to chart our roadmap for future delivery of citizen science projects in tree health domain.

Biographical Details

Nidhi graduated with BSc (Honours) in Botany from Delhi University, India in 2003 and with MSc in Natural Resources from TERI University, India in 2005. She was awarded her PhD “The views of experts and the public regarding societal preferences for innovation in nanotechnology” from Wageningen University, The Netherlands in 2013.

Committed to undertake social-science research to support science- policy-public interfaces, Nidhi has academic interests in all areas environment and society, including those areas which require transdiciplinary collaboration between the social and natural sciences. Nidhi is also interested in translating the results of research into concrete policy recommendations.