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Dr. Nikolaos Trasanidis is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Haematology and the Hugh & Josseline Langmuir Centre for Myeloma Research. He received his PhD degree in cancer epigenomics from Imperial College London in 2020. He has a strong expertise in the application of high-throughput (“omics”) technologies in clinical research, including prognostic markers discovery, precision medicine, molecular diagnosis and targeted therapies development. His research interests focus on the development of systems medicine strategies to reveal the genetic and epigenetic alterations underlying multiple myeloma disease initiation and progression, for the discovery of novel molecular targets and personalized therapies.



Wang L, Trasanidis N, Wu T, et al., 2023, Dictys: dynamic gene regulatory network dissects developmental continuum with single-cell multiomics, Nature Methods, Vol:20, ISSN:1548-7091, Pages:1368-+

Trasanidis N, Katsarou A, Ponnusamy K, et al., 2022, Systems medicine dissection of chr1q-amp reveals a novel PBX1-FOXM1 axis for targeted therapy in multiple myeloma, Blood, Vol:139, ISSN:0006-4971, Pages:1939-1953

Ponnusamy K, Tzioni MM, Begum M, et al., 2022, The innate sensor ZBP1-IRF3 axis regulates cell proliferation in multiple myeloma, Haematologica, Vol:107, ISSN:0390-6078, Pages:721-732

Trasanidis N, Katsarou A, Ponnusamy K, et al., 2021, Systems medicine dissection of chromosome 1q amplification reveals oncogenic regulatory circuits and informs targeted therapy in cancer

Karadimitris A, 2021, Chromatin-based, in cis and in trans regulatory rewiring underpins distinct oncogenic transcriptomes in multiple myeloma, Nature Communications, Vol:12, ISSN:2041-1723, Pages:1-16

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