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Nura is a postdoctor at the Cardiovascular Division, National Heart and Lung Institute.

Nura obtained her BSc (Honorary) in biomedical science from University of Qatar in 2009.  Then she worked as a research assistant in the Safallah Medical Genetic Center, Doha, Qatar gaining experience in in recombinant DNA, before joining  the Qatar science leadership program (QSLP) in  Qatar Foundation  and successfully getting   a scholarship to Imperial College of London to pursue her studies.  She finished her MRes in biomedical research from Imperial College on 1st October 2012 , where she did two research projects . The first project was  with Dr.Adrian A Chester, title ‘Biomimetic Matrices for Heart Valve Engineering: Effect of Nanofibrillar Anisotropy on Mechanical Fate’ and the second project was with Professor. Jane A Mitchell with title’ Role of COX-1 and COX-2 in Cytokine Production by Vascular and Gastro-Intestinal Tissue’.

 In 2013 she was again awarded a scholarship by QRLP- Qatar Foundation (QF) to do her PhD degree at Imperial College. Working on  ' Pharmacology and chemistry of modified prostacyclin drugs; targeting the lung and half-life of the drugs under supervision of Doctor Adrian Chester, Professor Jane Mitchell ,  Professor Terry D Tetley and Professor Sir. Magdi Yacoub. She finished her PhD in 2016 and was assigned an honorary research officer position at imperial college of London in 2016.

Her main focus is investigating the efficacy of prostacyclin analogue drugs in the pulmonary circulation and how to enhance prostacyclin analogues by using Metal-Organic-Frameworks (MOFs) as a drug delivery system.

Dr.Mohamed is interested in applying nanomedicine to improve treatment strategies for a disease called pulmonary arterial hypertension. Her works yield the development of two novel nanoformulations, an NO-releasing polymer and a sildenafil-loaded metal organic-framework (Sil@nanoMIL-89) . She is also a member of the British Pharmacological Society (BPS) and a member of the Early Career Pharmacologists Advisory Group (ECPAG).



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