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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

de Vries KJ, Bagnaschi EA, Buchmueller O, et al., 2015, The pMSSM10 after LHC run 1, European Physical Journal C, Vol:75, ISSN:1434-6052

Malik SA, McCabe C, Araujo H, et al., 2015, Interplay and characterization of Dark Matter searches at colliders and in direct detection experiments, Physics of the Dark Universe, Vol:9-10, ISSN:2212-6864, Pages:51-58

Buchmueller O, Dolan MJ, Malik SA, et al., 2015, Characterising dark matter searches at colliders and direct detection experiments: vector mediators, The Journal of High Energy Physics, Vol:2015, ISSN:1029-8479

Buchmueller O, Dolan MJ, McCabe C, 2014, Beyond effective field theory for dark matter searches at the LHC, The Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN:1029-8479

Chatrchyan S, Khachatryan V, Sirunyan AM, et al., 2012, Search for the standard model Higgs boson decaying into two photons in pp collisions at root s=7 TeV, Physics Letters B, Vol:710, ISSN:0370-2693, Pages:403-425

Chatrchyan S, Khachatryan V, Sirunyan AM, et al., 2011, Search for Supersymmetry at the LHC in Events with Jets and Missing Transverse Energy, Physical Review Letters, Vol:107, ISSN:0031-9007

Khachatryan V, Sirunyan AM, Tumasyan A, et al., 2011, Search for supersymmetry in pp collisions at 7 TeV in events with jets and missing transverse energy, Physics Letters B, Vol:698, ISSN:0370-2693, Pages:196-218

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