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My primary areas of research are parasitology, entomology and epidemiology, with a focus on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). Currently my work involves using simulation models to evaluate control programmes. I use simulation models to evaluate the effectiveness of mass drug administration (MDA) and bed net use/coverage tropical parasitic diseases, particularly lymphatic filariasis (LF). My research also involves evaluating the impact of health intervention on the spatial distribution of LF, taking into account the climatic and environmental factors that may be responsible for vector and disease distribution.

As advanced stages of LF infection causes great debilitation and result in gross morbidity, manifesting as swellings of the limbs, breasts (in women) and scrotum (in men), I am also interested in understanding the psycho-social and quantifying the economic impact of LF in a typical rural Nigerian setting. My PhD is supervised by Professor Christl Donnelly and Dr Tini Garske, who are both based at Imperial College London. I am funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, United Kingdom.



Eneanya OA, Garske T, Donnelly CA, 2019, The social, physical and economic impact of lymphedema and hydrocele: a matched cross-sectional study in rural Nigeria, Bmc Infectious Diseases, Vol:19, ISSN:1471-2334

Eneanya OA, Cano J, Dorigatti I, et al., 2018, Environmental suitability for lymphatic filariasis in Nigeria, Parasites & Vectors, Vol:11, ISSN:1756-3305

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