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Dr Onesmus Mwabonje is a Research Fellow at Imperial College London’s Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP). He has combined academic and industrial experience in the application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to supply chains for biofuels, bioenergy and biorefineries to both UK and EU policy requirements. He is currently working as a technical lead on BEIS funded 2050 International Calculator program, as part of the technical delivery team that supports BEIS in the development of five new country calculators, whilst helping improve other ten existing ones. He previously worked on the EU Calculator project funded by the EU Horizon 2020, with an overall aim of developing pathways towards the decarbonisation and resilience of the European economy in the time-frame 2030-2050 and beyond. He is also a Co-Investigator of the  BESTER project, an ERA CoBioTech initiative funded by BBSRC. BESTER aims at developing new bioprocesses for the production of butyl esters for the European bio-based chemicals market. He also managed the Bio-SuccInnovate project sponsored by Climate KIC. The objective of the Bio-SuccInnovate project was to ensure that Succinic acid produced using lignocellulosic feedstock is assured through the use of robust quantitative assessment criteria based on specified supply chains including GHG emissions reductions and broader Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) indicators. At Imperial, he leads the Life Cycle Network and the Energy and Climate Research Theme at CEP. He is an experienced LCA practitioner, expert in assessing feedstocks for biomass and biofuels energy technology options. He has conducted feasibility studies for renewable energy installations for various clients in the UK and has substantial international experience in managing projects for clients in the USA, Kenya and South America.



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