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Dr Olivier E. Pardo

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Reader in Cancer Cell Signalling



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The Cellular Regulatory Networks Lab

Lung cancer is the commonest cancer killer in the UK. The main reasons for failing to cure patients with this disease are the development of chemoresistance and the appearence of distant metastasis.

My lab has been actively involved in elucidating the underlying mechanisms for both resistance to therapy and metastasis in lung cancer.  In particular, we have highlighted the role of different members of the S6 kinase family in these processes and identified the role of the growth factor, FGF-2, in the development of resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs.

Our research combines traditional biochemical and molecular biology techniques with high-throuput and high-content screening, drug discovery, mass spectrometry, bioinformatics and experimental imaging approaches through a network of collaborators in the academic and private sector, in and outside the UK.

We are always looking for motivated scientists to join our team. Our laboratories, part of the CRUK Cancer Center, offer a dynamic environment where members are encourage to complement our wide experience in the field of cell signalling and cancer biology with their own inovative approaches.

Dr Olivier Pardo - A short biography

I studied Pharmacy and Pharmacology at the University Paris V, Paris, France, where I obtained my Doctorate in Pharmacy in 1997. I then joined Imperial College, London, where I completed my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2002. Following a 4-year postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Prof Julian Downward at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, I returned to Imperial College to start my own research team at the Division of Cancer. I have been an associate editor at the journal Oncogene since 2019. In addition, I am actively involved in teaching. I was the course director for the MRes Cancer Biology here at Imperial College between 2006 and 2021 and am still heavily involved with the teaching on this course

Novel position in my lab

We have a new position available in my lab for a post-doc starting in February 2023. If you are interested to apply, please visit the following link:

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Liwak U, Thakor N, Jordan LE, et al., 2012, Tumor Suppressor PDCD4 Represses Internal Ribosome Entry Site-Mediated Translation of Antiapoptotic Proteins and Is Regulated by S6 Kinase 2, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Vol:32, ISSN:0270-7306, Pages:1818-1829

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