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I'm a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College. My interests are in mathematical modelling, asymptotic analysis and singular perturbation techniques, fluid dynamics and wave motion. My current work is focused on the dynamics of non-wetting droplets, wave diffraction in micro-structured media and the optical resonances of "subwavelength" structures and particles in acoustics and photonics. In the past I also worked on electrohydrodynamic drop deformation, flows over superhydrophobic surfaces, self-propulsion and dispersion of micro-swimmers, electrokinetic theory of particles and drops, conductivity of ion-selective nano-channels, colloidal interactions and nonlinear magnetic diffusion.

I can offer PhD projects in the research areas mentioned above. Please contact me for more details. 

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Schnitzer O, Davis AMJ, Yariv E, 2020, Rolling of non wetting droplets down a gently inclined plane, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol:903, ISSN:0022-1120, Pages:A25-1-A25-29

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Schnitzer O, 2020, Asymptotic approximations for the plasmon resonances of nearly touching spheres, European Journal of Applied Mathematics, Vol:31, ISSN:0956-7925, Pages:246-276

Holley J, Schnitzer O, 2019, Extraordinary transmission through a narrow slit, Wave Motion, Vol:91, ISSN:0165-2125, Pages:1-9

Ruiz M, Schnitzer O, 2019, Slender-body theory for plasmonic resonance, Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, Vol:475, ISSN:1364-5021

Schnitzer O, 2019, Geometric quantization of localized surface plasmons, IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, Vol:84, ISSN:0272-4960, Pages:813-832

Schnitzer O, 2017, Waves in Slowly Varying Band-Gap Media, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, Vol:77, ISSN:0036-1399, Pages:1516-1535

Schnitzer O, Morozov M, 2015, A generalized Derjaguin approximation for electrical-double-layer interactions at arbitrary separations, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol:142, ISSN:1089-7690

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