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  • Ocean modelling, modern and ancient
  • Palaeobiology
  • Fossil preservation
  • Evolutionary change in benthic faunas
  • Sedimentation in epicontinental seas

Research  Grants Since 2005

1. Finite-Element Modelling of Tides in Ancient Epicontinental Seas. 2005-2009. Value £205,325. Awarded by Leverhulme Trust to Peter A. Allison (PI), Chris Pain, Gary Hampson and Matthew Piggott. Funds Dr. Hedong Liu and a postgraduate student. 2005-2009. (

2. Next-Generation Unstructured Mesh Ocean Global Circulation Modelling. 2005-2009. Value £1,068,178 (plus extension). Awarded by NERC  to Chris Pain (PI), Matthew Piggott, Tony Goddard, and Peter Allison. Funds Dr. David Ham, Dr. Fangxin Fang, Dr. Tim Bond, Dr. Gerard Gorman and  Stefan  Kramer. 2005-20011.

3. NERC Grant NE/F004184/1.  FInite eLement Adaptive grid Modelling of Ecosystems and Nutrient Transport. 307k  2008-2011.

4. NERC Grant NE/F012594/1.  Global Ocean Modelling with Adaptive Unstructured Grid Methods. 312k. 2008-2011.

5. Grantham Institute for Climate Change studentship.  The Role of Southern Ocean Gateways on the Evolution of the ACC and cooling in the Palaeogene.

6. EPSRC Grant EP/I00405X/1. Advanced new methods for multi-scale free surface regional ocean modelling with adjoint data assimilation. 789k. 2010-2013.

7. Grantham Institute for Climate Change Studentship. Funds tuition and salary, 2011-2014.

8. NERC grant  NE/J015938/1. UK - China Initiative to Develop Predictive Multi-Scale Ocean Modelling as a Key Aspect of a Joint Environmental Modelling Centre. 232k.

9. EPSRC grant EP/J010065/1. Large scale interactive coupled modelling of environmental impacts of marine renewable energy farms . £1.020k

10. NERC grant NE/K000047/1. Will climate change in the arctic increase the landslide-tsunami risk to the UK? £437k.

11. Active industrial research contracts. £200k.



Dave Bottjer, University of Southern California, Palaeontology, Taphonomy

Carlton E. Brett, University of Cincinnatti, Palaeontology, Taphonomy

Prof. Christopher C. Pain, AMCG (ESE, Imperial)

Dr. Matthew Piggott (NERC Fellow), AMCG (ESE, Imperial)

Dr Gary Hampson

Dr. Gerard J. Gorman

Research Staff









Research Student Supervision

Aguilera-Franco,N, High resolution stratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Cenomanian-Turonian of southern Mexico

Collins,DS, Palaeotidal evolution of the South China Seas: Impact on Neogene Reservoirs

Croskell,M, Modelling the Chicxclub impact

Cullen,MA, Heterogeneity of the fossilization process

Funke,SW, Flow Control and Optimization

Hassan,MA, Sedimentary facies, sequence stratigraphy and basin hydrodynamics: Miocene coastal and coastal plain

Hernandes-Romano,U, Facies, stratigraphy and diagenesis of the Cenomanian-Turonian of the Guerrero-Morelos platform

Hiester,HR, The application of adaptive mesh techniques to numerical simulations of gravity current flows

Jordan,N, Jurassic Epicontinental Seas

Kenyon-Roberts,SK, The petrography and distrubution of some calcite sea hardgrounds

McVicar,AJ, Numerical simulations of flow–topography interaction using unstructured grids

Mitchell,A, Palaeocirculation in the Jurassic epicontinental seaway

Parkinson,S, Sediment-laden density currents

Perry,CP, Controls on reef framework and sediment preservation:examples from the Holocene and Pleistocene of J

Wells,M, Modelling Tides in Ancient Epicontinental Seas