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Emeritus Professor of Urology



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Professor and Honorary Consultant in Urology. Qualifications include MB ChB LIverpool 1977, ChM Liverpool 1987, FRCS Edinburgh 1980, FRCS London 1981.

Reserach interests include

  1. Sex hormones for advanced prostate cancer; PI for CR-UK funded MRC CTU supported randomised phase II clinical trial comparing LHRH agonists with transdermal oestrogens
  2. High intensity focused ultrasound HIFU); Spinout company Acublate (with CR-UK(T), IC, ICHNHST), patented technology for increased speed and accuracy of totally non-invasive ablation currently being interfaced with imaging and undergoing in vitro and ex vivo testing prior to human clinical trials.
  3. Sex hormones and realtionship to cognitive impairment, bone densityand body odour.

Collaborators include

  • Prof P Price
  • Prof B Puri
  • Dr R Abel
  • Prof Jeff Hand
  • Dr Rob Dickinson
  • Dr R Gale

Member of editorial boards include computer aided surgery & biomed central (urology).

Member of ICH tissue bank committee.


  • Undergraduate lead for 3rd year urology at IC
  • Oversea final year shadowing for final year students, second year students and postgraduate entry programme students
  • Postgraduate; 2 MSc students (Biomarkers, HIFU)
  • 3 PhD students (HIFU, contrast enhanced heptaic perfusion index, sex hormones)



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Challapalli A, Edwards SM, Abel P, et al., 2018, Evaluating the prevalence and predictive factors of vasomotor and psychological symptoms in prostate cancer patients receiving hormonal therapy: Results from a single institution experience, Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology, Vol:10, Pages:29-35

Shah ISA, Wilson HCP, Abel PD, 2017, Cardiovascular toxicities of systemic treatments of prostate cancer: oestrogen to the rescue?, Nature Reviews Urology, Vol:14, ISSN:1759-4812

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Gilbert DC, Duong T, Kynaston HG, et al., 2016, Quality of life outcomes from the PATCH trial evaluating LHRH agonists versus transdermal oestradiol for androgen suppression in advanced prostate cancer, Bju International, Vol:119, ISSN:1464-4096, Pages:667-675

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