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Gina Hotter Renal ischaemic reperfusion injury £200,000 (our share of 1 million), European Union Barcelona/Kaiserslautern/Poiters

Guest Lectures

Oestrogen Patches for advanced Prostate Cancer, Polish Urological Society, 2005

Transdermal estrogen in Advanced Prostate cancer, Augusta, Georgia, 2004

Estrogen patches in advanced prostate cancer, Turkish Urological Society, Istanbul, 2003

Estrogen patches in advanced prostate cancer, Prostate Cancer Interest Group, London, 2003

Prostate Cancer, RSM/Hungarian Society of Medicine, 2003

Estrogen patches in advanced prostate cancer, Roswell Park, Buffalo, 2003

Setting up a Human Tissue Bank, University Malaysia, 2002

Renal Reperfusion Injury, Kaiserslautern, 2001

Parenteral Oestrogens in Advanced Prostate Cancer., EORTC - Modena., 2001

High Density Focused Ultrasound - Clinical Applications, Royal Society Medicine, 2001