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Pablo Albella comes from Santander, Spain. He received his Bachelor of Physics from the Unversity of Cantabria (Spain), in 2001, a MSc in Instrumentation and Analytical Science from the University of Manchester (UK) in 2003 and later the PhD in Physics from the University of Cantabria in 2009. The latest was awarded with the "Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Prize".

During his scientific career, he has attracted funding from a number of different national and international agencies. In 2002, he was adjudged with an EPSRC Master studentship in Manchester (UK). Then, as a PhD student, he was awarded a FPI fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) which supported him for 4 years (2005-2009). 

In 2010, he moved as a postdoctoral fellow to the nanophotonics group directed by Prof. Aizpurua in the Materials Physics Center of San Sebastian (Spain) and funded by a large European Project (FP7) involving more than 10 prestigious European Institutions. During this time there he was also accredited as guest researcher of CIC Nanogune, where he was working in close collaboration with the experimental nanooptics group of Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand.

He has taken part in several Spanish (MEC and MICINN) projects awarded within the area of physics and twice in a US Army International Technology Center – Atlantic (USAITCA) project as the main researcher. More recently, he has been funded on several occasions by the European Science Foundation Network Plasmo-Bionanosense and the Leverhulme trust. 

His research interests include plasmonics - the investigation and exploitation of sub-wavelength confinement and guiding of electromagnetic energy using metallic and dielectric micro- and nanostructures. In this field, Dr. Albella has published more than 40 peer review scientific publications (25 of them in high impact factor journals), 2 book chapters and over 80 contributions in international conferences. His research has also been recognized with several research prizes: awarded the best research project of Consejo Social de Cantabria, the best scientific paper of Optics from Universidad de Cantabria, finalist of young Scientist Award from Elservier, among others.

Dr. Albella is currently co-supervising one PhD thesis and he has been involved in several teaching activities, both in Spain and UK. All this activity has been recognized by the Spanish ANECA, where he is accredited as: “Contratado Doctor, Ayudante Doctor and Profesor Universidad Privada”.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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