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Praveen Anand is Professor of Clinical Neurology and Head, Centre for Clinical Translation, based at Hammersmith Hospital campus.

His medical education was at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and post-graduate training at the Hammersmith Hospital and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London.  His research focuses on pathophysiological and molecular mechanisms in human sensory neuropathies and chronic pain syndromes. Collaborations with colleagues and pharmaceutical companies are directed to projects which bridge the gap between pre-clinical developments and their successful clinical applications.  The translational approach has guided the recent success of 4 novel drugs from the laboratory to Phase II trials for chronic neuropathic pain and itch.  He has over 200 peer-reviewed publications in journals including Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Genetics, Science and The Lancet.

Aims of the group:

  • To develop objective means of assessing small fibre neuropathies and pain in patients (adults and pre-verbal children);
  • To discover significant regional changes and mechanisms in endogenous trophic factors and receptors / ion channels in small fibre neuropathies and clinical chronic pain disorders;
  • To study the physiological roles and pharmacological potential of novel sensory targets in human in vitro, volunteer and clinical models;
  • To apply the lessons from in vitro and biomarker studies in Proof-of-concept / Phase II trials;
  • To improve neuronal survival and regeneration in neuropathy, and prevent or treat chronic neuropathic pain / hypersensitivity.



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