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Dr Preetha Aravind is a NCITA (National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator) Clinical Research Fellow in Medical Oncology.  She is currently undertaking a PhD (Supervisors, Prof Eric Aboagye and Dr Laura Kenny) on exploring novel molecular imaging biomarkers  to predict early treatment response in a range of solid cancers. She is involved in various early phase translational studies for  the development of new radiotracers for PET studies.  Presently she oversees the Imperial developed 18F-D4-FCH radiotracer (Principal investigator- Dr Laura Kenny) for imaging treatment response to CDK inhibitors in metastatic breast cancer (Trial no.  NCT04276272) and 18F- Fluoro-proprionic acid (FPIA) radionuclide (Principial investigator- Dr Naveed Sarwar) imaging for treatment response in patients with metastatic renal cancer (trial no. NCT04802824). 

She completed her medical qualification from Bangalore University, India, where she also gained a first-class honours degree in Pathology and Pharmacology. She went on to complete a MD in Internal Medicine from St John’s National Academy of health Science, Bangalore, India. After moving to UK, Preetha gained experience in oncology having worked at various London hospitals. She is now undertaking specialist training in Medical Oncology at Imperial College NHS Trusts in London.



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