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Dr. Patrik Bachtiger is an incoming NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Acute Internal Medicine, with a focus on Digital Health. He was previously the UK’s first clinical research fellow in Digital Health, with a PhD funded by Imperial Health Charity, NIHR, and NHSX, as part of Professor Nicholas Peters’ joint Trust-College Connected Care Hub venture – partnering with patients, the NHS, and tech organizations to deliver better outcomes in prevention, treatment, and a more efficient and accessible healthcare system. 

After completing his academic foundation training at UCL (laboratory sciences), award-winning MSc study at QMUL, and Core Medical Training at King’s College London, he was the recipient of a prestigious Harvard Knox Fellowship, the preeminent scholarship for UK citizens pursuing postgraduate study at Harvard University (MPH, health policy and digital health concentration). Alongside cross-registration at Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT), Kennedy School of Government, and Harvard Medical and Business Schools, he completed a practicum supervised by Dr. Trishan Panch at Wellframe, which provides digital health management to millions of patients in the US.

His broad research portfolio focuses on novel approaches to translational research, anchored in clinical validation, health economic evaluation, and scrutinising the wider impacts of technology-enabled health and healthcare. Among others, he is a co-applicant on several substantial grants from the NIHR, including for the study of point-of-care artificial intelligence applied to digital biomarkers for the detection of cardiovascular disease. In parallel, he continues to administer the largest longitudinal participatory epidemiology study (LoC-19) to use an NHS patient-facing electronic health record as a two-way interface, with collaborative outputs addressing important health policy questions. This work has been presented internationally and published in digital health outlets from Nature and The Lancet.

Patrik continues to build his interest in building and rigorously evaluating clinical pathways that use digital health technologies, doing so in collaboration with NHS partners, international academic colleagues, patient charities, and industry partners spanning startups to big-tech companies. He also continues to supervise BSc and MSc students and maintains a broad and active teaching portfolio. His parallel clinical work is as an ST4 registrar in Acute Internal Medicine at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, where he is the first clinical academic for this sub-specialty. 



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Bachtiger P, Petri CF, Scott FE, et al., 2021, Artificial Intelligence For Point-of-Care Heart Failure Screening During ECG-Enabled Stethoscope Examination: Independent Real-World Prospective Multicenter External Validation Study, Scientific Sessions of the American-Heart-Association / Resuscitation Science Symposium, LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS, Pages:E586-E587, ISSN:0009-7322

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