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Dr Paul Balcombe

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Honorary Lecturer







10-12 Prince's GardensSouth Kensington Campus





Paul is an honorary lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering and affiliated with the Sustainable Gas Institute. His research investigates the environmental and economic impacts associated with low carbon gaseous energy supply chains and determining pathways to reduce these impacts. He is currently a lecturer at Queen Mary University of London in Chemical Engineering and Renewable Energy.

Previously Paul was a research fellow at the Sustainable Gas Institute leading the Methane and Environment Programme. Prior to this Paul was in Manchester, where he achieved a first class degree in Chemical Engineering (MEng 2002 – 2006), attained chartered engineer status from his time in industry (2006 – 2010) and then completed his PhD (2010 – 2014). Using environmental life cycle analysis, process simulation and behavioural economic theory, his multi-disciplinary PhD was about how small-scale renewable energy technologies could contribute to meeting UK climate change and energy security targets.

Paul’s research interests involve the environmental, economic and technical assessments of energy industry to answer a number of key questions: how can we decarbonise our energy use whilst maintaining living standards; what role should fossil fuels have in decarbonisation targets; and how can energy policy help us to do this most effectively?



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