Imperial College London


Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Bioengineering

Senior Lecturer







UREN.228Building E - Sir Michael UrenWhite City Campus





  • 2022-27 Royal Society Wolfson Fellow, UK
  • 2019-22 INSERM scientific excellence merit award, France
  • 2017-19 ANR Tremplin - ERC, France
  • 2015-17 A*MIDEX Excellence Chair, France
  • 2011-14 Junior Research Fellow & Governing Body Fellow, Wolfson College Cambridge, UK
  • 2010-14 MRC Methodology Research Fellow, UK
  • 2007-08 Junior Research Fellow, St Cross College Oxford, UK

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Ogunleye AZ, Piyawajanusorn C, Goncalves A, et al., 2022, Interpretable Machine Learning Models to Predict the Resistance of Breast Cancer Patients to Doxorubicin from Their microRNA Profiles, Advanced Science, Vol:9

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