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Prof. PJ Beaghton

Faculty of EngineeringInstitute for Security Science & Technology

Professor of Practice (Computing), Security Science Fellow (ISST)



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PJ Beaghton is a Professor of Practice in Computing. He is also a Security Science Fellow of the Institute for Security Science and Technology and co-leads the Imperial College Network of Excellence in Financial Technology (FinTech). His FinSec research at the ISST focuses (a) on security threats to the financial markets such as the contagion across exchanges, products and regions of intended or accidental disruptive shocks in the electronic securities and derivative markets, and (b) on algorithmic forensic analysis of complex transactions in securities and derivatives in order to identify suspicious patterns linked to money laundering and other criminal activities.

He is also involved in research with Professor Austin Burt (Life Sciences) and the Target Malaria consortium on reaction-diffusion systems and stochastic simulations and agent/individual-based models of vector population dynamics. The primary focus is on modelling the usage of selfish genetic elements to genetically manipulate natural populations of mosquitoes that transmit malaria.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Beaghton P, Burt A, 2021, Gene drives and population persistence vs elimination: the impact of spatial structure and inbreeding at low density, Biorxiv


Nikolov M, Ouedraogo A, Beaghton A, et al., 2018, POPULATION SEASONALITY AND RELEASE TIMING SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECT THE PROBABILITY OF ESTABLISHMENT FOR SMALL RELEASES OF GENE DRIVE MOSQUITOES, 67th Annual Meeting of the American-Society-of-Tropical-Medicine-and-Hygiene (ASTHM), AMER SOC TROP MED & HYGIENE, Pages:367-367, ISSN:0002-9637

Thesis Dissertations

Beaghton PJ, 1988, Dendritic Growth in the Presence of Convection

More Publications