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AB - The problem of augmenting low-resolution ocean circulation models with the information extracted from the data relevant to the unresolved subgrid processes is addressed. A highly nonlinear model of eddy-resolving oceanic circulation – quasigeostrophic wind-driven double gyres – is considered. The model solutions are characterized by a vigorous dynamic coupling between the resolved large-scale and small-scale (eddy) flow features. This solution provides the data for augmenting the low-resolution model with the same configuration. The eddy forcing field, which contains the essential information about coupling between the large and eddy scales, is obtained, modified, coarse-grained and added to augment the low-resolution model. The implemented modification involves novel data-adaptive harmonic decomposition analysis and dynamical constraining based on the low-resolution nonlinear advection operator. The resulting augmentation of the low-resolution model significantly improves the solution, including its time-mean circulation and low-frequency variability. This result also paves the way for a systematic data-driven emulation of unresolved and under-resolved scales of motion.
AU - Ryzhov,EA
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AU - Berloff,PS
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TI - On data-driven augmentation of low-resolution ocean model dynamics
T2 - Ocean Modelling
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