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Professor Peter Buckle is an expert in human factors and design safety. Buckle is a Fellow and Former President of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors and is Principal Research Fellow at Imperial College. He is an expert in scientific, systematic, user-centred design to manage risk and improve patient safety. He authored the DoH Design for Patient Safety report, and was  awarded the President’s medal of the Ergonomics Society (2005) for Design Patient Safety Research and the Bartlett medal for distinguished research (2001). He has held Visiting Professorial positions at four leading UK Universities and was Research Professor in Design at the RCA (2013-2015). He is also Director (p/t) of the Robens Institute and led the Ergonomics and Human Factors research and post graduate MSc teaching team at the University of Surrey (1992 to 2009) where he held the title of Professor of Health Ergonomics.



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