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The primary aims of my research include investigating innovative material-based approaches in addressing environmental and health challenges, as well as training creative problem solvers.

At Imperial, I am investigating cell-surface interactions using chemistry and visualization tools for water-borne disease control. Also, developing rapid screening techniques to evaluate the particle-particle adhesion in pharmaceutical powders.


I received PhD and MEng from the University of Toronto and BEng from Osmania University, all in Mechanical Engineering. Also, I was a Visiting Scholar at the Imperial College London and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I explore interactions between solid-liquid-gas materials for novel material, process, and technology innovation. To this end, I apply material-based techniques and computational tools to unravel phytochemical mechanisms at the materials’ interface from atomic to macroscale.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Abidli A, Huang Y, Cherukupally P, et al., 2020, Novel separator skimmer for oil spill cleanup and oily wastewater treatment: From conceptual system design to the first pilot-scale prototype development, Environmental Technology & Innovation, ISSN:2352-1864, Pages:100598-100598

Cherukupally P, Sun W, Wong APY, et al., 2019, Surface-engineered sponges for recovery of crude oil microdroplets from wastewater, Nature Sustainability, ISSN:2398-9629

Cherukupally P, Acosta EJ, Hinestroza J, et al., 2017, Acid-Base Polymeric Foams for the Adsorption of Micro-oil Droplets from Industrial Effluents, Environmental Science and Technology (washington), ISSN:1520-5851


Cherukupally P, Fiddes L, Park C, et al., 2019, Open cell foams - An emerging, low-cost bacteria adhesive surface for energy and environmental applications

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