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Selected Publications

Cherukupally, P., Sun W., Williams D. R., Ozin, G. A., Bilton, A. M. "Wax-wetting sponges for oil droplets recovery from frigid waters," Science Advances7(11), eabc7926. Featured on Science Advances Homepage and Science Magazine podcast

Cherukupally, P., Sun, W., Wong, A. P.Y., Williams, D.R., Ozin, G.A., Bilton, A.M. & Park, C.B. "Surface-engineered sponges for recovery of crude oil microdroplets from wastewater,” Nature Sustainability 3, 136-143 (2020). Featured in Nature Sustainability Editorial

Cherukupally, P., Fiddes L, Park C, Bilton A. Open-cell foams - an emerging, low-cost bacteria adhesive surfaces for energy and environmental applications. Annual Technical Conference - ANTEC, Conference Proceedings. 2019-March. 01 Jan 2019.

Cherukupally, P., Acosta, E. J., Hinestroza, J.P., Bilton, A.M. & Park, C.B. “Acid-base polymeric foams for adsorption of micro-oil droplets from industrial effluents,” Environmental Science & Technology 51(15), 8552 (2017).


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  • 2nd Place, Society of Petroleum Engineers Canada Regional Student Paper Contest (2019).
  • Fellow of Science Alliance Leadership Training, New York Academy of Sciences and Lockheed Martin (2018).
  • Finalist, Hult Prize for Social Entrepreneurship Regional Competition (2018).
  • Doctoral Completion Award, University of Toronto (2018).
  • Two awards: Research Excellence Recognition Award and 1st Place, Best Poster Presenter, 10th Annual STEM Exchange: Research and Career Symposium, New York Academy of Sciences and PepsiCo (2018).
  • Two Awards: 1st Place, Best Poster Presenter in Energy and Environmental Sciences; 1st Place, People’s Choice Award: Poster Presenter, 9th Annual Departmental Graduate Research Symposium (2018).
  • 3rd Place, Best Poster Presenter, 6th Annual Symposium of Green Chemistry Initiative (2018).
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Province of Ontario, Canada (2017).
  • William Dunbar Memorial Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering (2017).
  • Finalist, Hult Prize for Social Entrepreneurship University of Toronto Competition (2017)
  • 1st Place, Best Poster Presenter in Energy, Environment, and Thermofluidics, 8th Annual Departmental Graduate Research Symposium (2017).
  • Two Awards: Best Paper Graduate by Women’s Division; Best Poster Graduate by Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), 75th SPE ANTEC Conference (2017).
  • Queen Elizabeth II/Herbert A. Staneland Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology, Province of Ontario, Canada (2016).
  • Bert Wasmund Graduate Fellowship in Sustainable Energy Research (2015).
  • Student Life Award: Contributing Member of GradLife Advisory Committee (2015).
  • Doctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto (2014-18).