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Selected Publications

Cherukupally, P., Sun, W., Wong, A. P.Y., Williams, D.R., Ozin, G.A., Bilton, A.M. & Park, C.B. "Surface-engineered sponges for recovery of crude oil microdroplets from wastewater,” Nature Sustainability 3, 136-143 (2020). Featured in Nature Sustainability Editorial

Abidli, A., Huang, Y., Cherukupally, P., Bilton, A.M. & Park, C.B. "Novel separator skimmer for oil spill cleanup and oily wastewater treatment: From conceptual system design to the first pilot-scale prototype development. Environmental Technology & Innovation 18, 100598 (2020).

Cherukupally, P., Fiddes L, Park C, Bilton A. Open-cell foams - an emerging, low-cost bacteria adhesive surfaces for energy and environmental applications. Annual Technical Conference - ANTEC, Conference Proceedings. 2019-March. 01 Jan 2019.

Cherukupally, P., Acosta, E. J., Hinestroza, J.P., Bilton, A.M. & Park, C.B. “Acid-base polymeric foams for adsorption of micro-oil droplets from industrial effluents,” Environmental Science & Technology 51(15), 8552 (2017).


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  • 2nd Place, Society of Petroleum Engineers Canada Regional Student Paper Contest (2019).
  • Fellow of Science Alliance Leadership Training, New York Academy of Sciences and Lockheed Martin (2018).
  • Finalist, Hult Prize for Social Entrepreneurship Regional Competition (2018).
  • Doctoral Completion Award, University of Toronto (2018).
  • Two awards: Research Excellence Recognition Award and 1st Place, Best Poster Presenter, 10th Annual STEM Exchange: Research and Career Symposium, New York Academy of Sciences and PepsiCo (2018).
  • Two Awards: 1st Place, Best Poster Presenter in Energy and Environmental Sciences; 1st Place, People’s Choice Award: Poster Presenter, 9th Annual Departmental Graduate Research Symposium (2018).
  • 3rd Place, Best Poster Presenter, 6th Annual Symposium of Green Chemistry Initiative (2018).
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Province of Ontario, Canada (2017).
  • William Dunbar Memorial Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering (2017).
  • Finalist, Hult Prize for Social Entrepreneurship University of Toronto Competition (2017)
  • 1st Place, Best Poster Presenter in Energy, Environment, and Thermofluidics, 8th Annual Departmental Graduate Research Symposium (2017).
  • Two Awards: Best Paper Graduate by Women’s Division; Best Poster Graduate by Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), 75th SPE ANTEC Conference (2017).
  • Queen Elizabeth II/Herbert A. Staneland Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology, Province of Ontario, Canada (2016).
  • Bert Wasmund Graduate Fellowship in Sustainable Energy Research (2015).
  • Student Life Award: Contributing Member of GradLife Advisory Committee (2015).
  • Doctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto (2014-18).