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Peter Clark is Senior Lecturer at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London.

Dr Clark studied for a BSc in Biology and a PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, examining the toxicity of pyrollizidine alkaloids. As a postdoctoral assistant, he carried out research into the toxicology and function of cryprotectants and their carrier solutions in renal cryopreservation at the Department of Pharmacology, Medical College of Georgia. He then became one of the founding members of a team spanning the Departments of Cell Biology and Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the University of Glasgow that began developing ways of exploiting the technology of microcircuit fabrication to examine and control cell behaviour, publishing extensively on how the topological and adhesive microenvironments can be used to control, construct and monitor defined cellular arrays.

Dr Clark joined Imperial College at the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, to take up a lectureship, and applied cell biological techniques to understanding endothelial and epithelial organisation. Following the merger of the west London medical schools with Imperial, he became part of the Division of Biomedical Sciences, ultimately joining the Leukocyte Biology Section, now part of the National Heart and Lung Institute, in his current role of Senior Lecturer.

Although Dr Clark has substantial roles in undergraduate teaching and teaching management, he maintains a research interest in vascular and epithelial tissue barriers and their roles in inflammation. More specifically, his research interests are in the organisation of endothelial and epithelial intercellular junctions, the re-organisation of these structures in inflammation and disease, and the role of inflammatory cells and other agents in this process.

Dr Clark runs undergraduate courses in Cell Biology and in Anatomy. He is Deputy Head of Programme and joint head of Years 1 and 2 of the Biomedical Sciences Degree, and he is a Deputy Admissions Tutor.

In 2009, Dr Clark was awarded a Rector’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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Williams MJ, Lowrie MB, Bennett JP, et al., 2005, Cadherin-10 is a novel blood-brain barrier adhesion molecule in human and mouse, Brain Research, Vol:1058, ISSN:0006-8993, Pages:62-72

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