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Technology and Innovation Management - BUSI97181


Innovation management is one of the most challenging and exciting areas of managerial practice. In many industries, the ability to innovate is critical to building and sustaining competitive advantage. It provides the means to allow organisations to grow and prosper. Innovation is about more than generating ideas; it is also about implementing these ideas and capturing value from them. Although innovation is inherently complex and uncertain, there are a range of tools and practices that can help organisations be more successful at the developing of new products, processes and services.

Drawing on the experiences of leading innovators, this module aims to equip students with the skills to organise and shape the innovation process within modern organisations. The module draws on insights from the Business School’s vast research programme, as well as our experiences working with leading innovators, such as IBM, Arup, Nokia, P&G, HP, and others. By the end of the module, students should be able to understand and interpret managerial strategies associated with different types of innovation. They should know the different ways organisations seek to profit from their innovations and how best to organise the innovation process within the firm.


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