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Paul Cullinan is Professor in Occupational and Environmental Respiratory Disease at the National Heart and Lung Institute and Honorary Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine at Royal Brompton Hospital, London.

Professor Cullinan's research interests centre around the distribution, aetiology and effects of respiratory disease with particular emphasis on their occupational and environmental relationships. The majority of his work with occupational disease has been in the area of workplace asthma, the commonest occupational respiratory disease in the UK, although recently he has extended his interests to COPD and asbestos-related conditions. As far as environmental work is concerned he has concentrated on early-life determinants of childhood asthma, in the UK and elsewhere, and on the effects of traffic exposures. Other interests include the epidemiology of interstitial lung diseases and cystic fibrosis and the respiratory effects of industrial or environmental disasters.

Within the Brompton Hospital he is part of the team which runs the busiest clinical service in the UK for the investigation and management of occupational and other environmental lung diseases.  Patients are referred from all parts of the UK for NHS treatment and care.

Professor Cullinan works as an advisor to a number of government bodies in his specialist field of occupational and environmental causes of lung disease.



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