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Peter is a visiting researcher in the Condensed Matter Theory Group, researching energy storage at interfaces in multiple, thin dielectric layers.  The motivation is to understand whether such storage can yield worthwhile energy densities in applications such as power supply smoothing, AC power phase shifting and power converters (AC to DC or DC to AC).  

Peter worked for IBM for 34 years as an Information Technology Architect on customers such as the UK retail banks, Defra (Department of the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs), Shell and Merseyside and North Wales Electricity Board.  His work involved the design of customer applications across a variety of hardware platforms, and the technical team lead role for customer projects .  Peter was expert in, and was often called on to solve computer performance problems with commercial applications which ran slower than desired.

In the 1970s he studied Natural Sciences (physics, maths) before graduating with an MA (Cantab.) in Electrical Sciences and a Diploma in Computer Science (Cantab.).

Peter is also keenly interested in electricity grids, renewable energy and electric vehicles, and owns a Nissan Leaf.  He regularly answers questions on these topics on, and has written blog articles on the benefits and status of renewable electricity in grids in China and Texas for a climate skeptic web site.



Davies PAG, Foulkes WMC, 2018, A two-phase Hessian approach improves the DFT relaxation of slabs, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Vol:30, ISSN:0953-8984, Pages:315901-315901

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