Imperial College London

Paul Fennell

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Professor of Clean Energy



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228aBone BuildingSouth Kensington Campus






Date Role
2017 Professor of Clean Energy, Imperial College London
2014 -2016 Reader in Clean Energy, Imperial College London
2011-2014 Senior Lecturer in Clean Energy, Imperial College, London.
2007-2011 Lecturer in Clean Energy, RCUK (Shell) Research Fellow, Imperial College, London.
2003-2007 Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Chemical Engineering, Cambridge University
1999-2003 PhD - Chemical Engineering Department, Cambridge University
1994-1998 BA, M Eng (Hons).  Chemical Engineering Department, Cambridge University

Image: Dr. Paul Fennell with previous PhD students Dr John Blamey and Dr Danlu Tong

Professor Fennell with previous PhD students Dr John Blamey and Dr Danlu Tong (Photo by Dave Guttridge, The Photographic Unit)

Research Interests

  • Industrial Decarbonisation and Efficiency Improvement
  • Advanced Processes for low-carbon production of Iron and Steel.
  • Clean Production of energy, including integration of energy production into industrial processes.
  • Policy in the area of Carbon Capture and Storage, industry and energy production.
  • Low carbon cement production and use.
  • Trace element mitigation from energy production.
  • Production of hydrogen and integration of the production and use of hydrogen into industrial processes.
  • Cross-industry integration, industrial hubs
  • Consultancy in the areas above, including for government and industry.


    Selected Publications

    Journal Articles

    Donat F, Florin NH, Anthony EJ, et al., 2012, Influence of High-Temperature Steam on the Reactivity of CaO Sorbent for CO<sub>2</sub> Capture, Environmental Science & Technology, Vol:46, ISSN:0013-936X, Pages:1262-1269

    Dean CC, Dugwell D, Fennell PS, 2011, Investigation into potential synergy between power generation, cement manufacture and CO<sub>2</sub> abatement using the calcium looping cycle, Energy & Environmental Science, Vol:4, ISSN:1754-5692, Pages:2050-2053

    Wu Y, Blamey J, Anthony EJ, et al., 2010, Morphological Changes of Limestone Sorbent Particles during Carbonation/Calcination Looping Cycles in a Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) and Reactivation with Steam, Energy & Fuels, Vol:24, ISSN:0887-0624, Pages:2768-2776

    Gao L, Paterson N, Fennell P, et al., 2008, The zero emission carbon concept (ZECA): Extents of reaction with different coals in steam/hydrogen, tar formation and residual char reactivity, Energy & Fuels, Vol:22, ISSN:0887-0624, Pages:2504-2511

    More Publications