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Selected Service and Awards

General Chair for POPL ‘24, the 50th Annual ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, London, in January 2024 

Director of the Research Institute on Verified Trustworthy Software Systems (VeTSS), 2017-2023.

Organiser of the Isaac Newton Institute six-week summer programme on `Verified Software’, 2022.

Director of the Research Institute in Automated Program Analysis and Verification, 2013-2016

Chair of the Awards Committee of the BCS Academy of Computing for the Lovelace medal (senior) and the Roger Needham award (mid-career) for computer science, 2013-2016

Organiser of the Royal Society Discussion and Scientific meeting on 'Verified Trustworthy Software Systems', Apr 2016

Co-organiser of the UK Cyber Security Research Conference 2015 by the Science of Cyber Security, Automated Program Analysis and Verification, and Trustworthy Industrial Control Systems Research Institutes, Oct 2015

Co-organiser of the Concurrency Workshop at Imperial, Jul 2015

Organiser of the Fourth Workshop on Formal Methods And Tools for Security (FMATS4) at Microsoft Research, Jun 2015

Organiser of a Dagstuhl 2015 meeting on 'Concurrent Verification' with Lars Birkedal, Derek Dryer and Zhong Shao

Co-organiser of the Joint Annual Conference for the Science of Cyber Security, and Automated Analysis and Verification Research Institutes, Oct 2014

Co-organiser of the Third Workshop on Formal Methods And Tools for Security (FMATS3) at Microsoft Research, May 2014

Invited participant to a Dagstuhl on 'Scripting Languages', 2014Organiser of the informal workshop on concurrency verification with Derek Dryer, associated with POPL 2014

Organiser of Luca Cardelli's 60th birthday celebrations with Martin Abadi, Andy Gordon and Radu Mardare, Sep 2014

Member of the Steering committees for ETAPS (2013-2016), PLMW, DBPL

Editor for the Journal on Foundations and Trends in Programming Languages

Co-chair of ESOP 2013, DBPL 2009, Chair of Concur 2004

Program Committee member of many major conferences such as POPL, LICS, OOPSLA, ESOP, CONCUR

Committee member for Royal Society International Fellowship scheme, 2010-2012

Member of EPSRC College between 1999-2009

Invited Talks

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`JSIL: An Intermediate Language for JavaScript’, invited talk, Google EU summit, December.
Invited participant of the Dagstuhl seminar on `Synergies among Testing, Verification and Repair for Concurrent Programs’, May
`JavaScript and Concurrency Verification’, invited talk, the first workshop on DeepSpec: The Science of Deep Specification, Princeton (with Petar Masimovic). June.
`The Fiction of Separation’, invited talk, Workshop on Trends in Concurrency Theory (TRENDS 2016), CONCUR, Quebec, August.
`A Concurrent Specification of POSIX’, invited talk and participant at the IFIP WG 1.9/2.15 "Verified Software”, Montauban, France, October.
`Fine-grained Reasoning about Concurrency’, UPMC Informatics Colloquium (Distinguished Seminar Series), Paris, France, February.