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Glycomics Technologist



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Bouché L, Panico M, Hitchen P, et al., 2016, The Type B flagellin of hypervirulent Clostridium difficile is modified with novel sulphonated Peptidylamido-glycans, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol:291, ISSN:1083-351X, Pages:25439-25449

Leung M-C, Hitchen PG, Ward DG, et al., 2013, Z-band Alternatively Spliced PDZ Motif Protein (ZASP) Is the Major <i>O</i>-Linked β-<i>N</i>-Acetylglucosamine-substituted Protein in Human Heart Myofibrils, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol:288, Pages:4891-4898

Harrison R, Hitchen PG, Panico M, et al., 2012, Glycoproteomic characterization of recombinant mouse α-dystroglycan, Glycobiology, Vol:22, ISSN:0959-6658, Pages:662-675

Graham SA, Antonopoulos A, Hitchen PG, et al., 2011, Identification of Neutrophil Granule Glycoproteins as Lewis<SUP>x</SUP>-containing Ligands Cleared by the Scavenger Receptor C-type Lectin, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol:286, Pages:24336-24349

Hitchen PG, Twigger K, Valiente E, et al., 2010, Glycoproteomics: a powerful tool for characterizing the diverse glycoforms of bacterial pilins and flagellins, Biochemical Society Transactions, Vol:38, ISSN:0300-5127, Pages:1307-1313

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