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Peter Huthwaite's early work focused on quantitative imaging, reconstructing maps of sound speed from ultrasonic measurements. This was initally applied to breast ultrasound tomography for cancer detection, then subsequently developed for NDT applications. These included early stage damage detection by identifying local changes in elastic moduli and plate thickness estimation via guided wave tomography for oil pipeline inspection. Work on guided wave tomography has continued, with the development of physical understanding of industrial issues including pipe coatings and liquid loadings.

Dr Huthwaite has also developed solutions for limited view tomography, minimising artefacts typically present in such images. This work has formed the basis for his fellowship, begun in October 2013, which is focused on improving reconstructions from subsampled data and imaging with restricted access. This has important industrial applications in both ultrasonics and radiography, helping to improve the speed, deployability, size and quality of reconstructions of inspection systems.