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My work as a Data Science Research Associate aims at designing and applying mathematical models of spatial metabolomics data (mass spectrometry imaging).Currently, I am responsible for data acquisition optimisation for DESI-MS imaging and the integration of multi-modal spatial data.

I have been awarded a pre-Bologna Laurea degree (eq. to MSc) in Physics (with specialisation in Theoretical Physics) at the Universita' Degli Studi di Bari, Italy. As member of Prof. Roberto Bellotti group, I have worked on applied machine learning for the automatic segmentation of the human hippocampus from structural MRI scans, as part of the Alzheimer's Disease research programme.

As a PhD student, under the supervision of Prof. Robert C Glen and Prof. Jeremy K. Nicholson, I have worked on robust signal processing pipelines for the pre-processing of DESI-MS imaging data, and the application of unsupervised learning techniques to understand the molecular heterogeneity of cancer.

I have continued my research work on DESI-MS imaging data in Prof. Zoltan Takats group. In particular, I have introduced a molecular colocalization approach for DESI-MS imaging data. During this period, I have also started designing and developing optimisation procedures aimed at integrating quality control and analytical references in DESI-MS imaging experiments, to quantify and disentangle the biological from the technical variability of the measured signals.

During 2020, I have worked at the Francis Crick Institute in Dr Paola Scaffidi lab, where I have applied unsupervised learning on scRNA-seq data to model the functional role of the epigenetic regulatory network in cancer resistance and plasticity.



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Pruski P, Dos Santos Correia G, Lewis H, et al., 2021, Direct on-swab metabolic profiling of vaginal microbiome host interactions during pregnancy and preterm birth, Nature Communications, Vol:12, ISSN:2041-1723


MacIntyre DA, Pruski P, Correia G, et al., 2022, Rapid Assessment of Vaginal Microbiota Host Interactions During Pregnancy and Preterm Birth by Direct On-Swab Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry, SPRINGER HEIDELBERG, Pages:53-53, ISSN:1933-7191

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